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  1. Static MK3 Cabby

    I liked this car best when it was stripped out with no interior at edition. Looked so sick.
  2. Joe's Mk3 Ibiza

    Few updates now its been on the road a couple of weeks! Above is my clearance, I drive this thing daily. But it still sits wrist exercise, I need to get some bigger tyres to gain some clearance. I got some stub axle spacers made up to get the rear looking a bit meatier because they looked stupid like this... So now its more like this And tried to drive to Fueled Society today which resulted in this... And shortly afterwards a blown CV joint... So there we have it.... Done and on the road, then off again
  3. Joe's Mk3 Ibiza

    Little update and a few pictures from instagram as usual! Generally tidied her up and got her looking 'presentable' again... Need some new seats Front is still high, attempting to acquire an MOT as we speak! Hopefully be seeing the front down in a couple of days time
  4. Joe's Mk3 Ibiza

    Yeah that'll be me! Always nice to them
  5. Joe's Mk3 Ibiza

    I improved it a bit http://youtu.be/dfiW3WEO1ag
  6. dewiper mark clean off?

    But of SRP tom will sort you out, pop up to mine later if youve not got any.
  7. Joe's Mk3 Ibiza

    Did notice it was a bit tappy actually.... Will keep an eye on that!
  8. Joe's Mk3 Ibiza

  9. Joe's Mk3 Ibiza

    This is where I'm up to with engine 3, hopefully have some more stuff done this weekend
  10. OZ bolt removal tool

    Is it male or female you need?
  11. Joe's Mk3 Ibiza

    Lolol engine no. 3...
  12. Joe's Mk3 Ibiza

    Everybody loves pictures
  13. Electrics help! Relay 100?

    Update for future searches: ignition switch replaced problem solved.
  14. Today I was fiddling with my stalks on my 1.4 ibiza mk3 trying to find the feed for the screenwash pump. Poking a multi metre about etc. I found what I was after and put it all back together, went to test it and nothing worked. No wipers at all, no indicators, no dipped beam and no heater blowers. I have hazards and full beams, here's where it gets confusing. When I operate the full beam switch, relay 100 clicks and suddenly I have full use of everything, but only while the switch is held. I'm really stumped with this. Hope somebody can help! Cheers
  15. Maybe a simple question for some but this is baffling me! The wires from my original clocks in my mk3 Ibiza went to the ecu, but I have removed the ecu and all related wiring as I am using carbs. In retrospect maybe I should have left the ecu there for this purpose but its too late now... Is there a way I can make my existing clocks work with a coil setup instead of coil packs. And any way I can make the speedo work without the ecu? Cheers!