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  1. Sorry mate only just seen this, yeah in theory but it wont be a 'shadow chrome' as the shadow effect is from the black base coat
  2. Alloy wheels / powder coating

    Were abouts in the country are you mate? I maybe able to help!
  3. Only difference is how much chroma/ silver is sprayed over the top of the black base. So you base coat the wheel up black like normal then we use a paint called mipa chrome. The more chrome sprayed over the top the lighter the overall colour. Just depends if you want dark shadow chrome or light shadow chrome and thats it dude
  4. MK6 Golf - R32 Smooth Bay

    Wow really good work mate, will keep an eye out at fitted, good luck
  5. The Daiy Hack

    Love the b6 estate
  6. GFWC Fabia Estate

    Having serious urges for a fab estate again mate as in seen what passats worth today haha
  7. passat b6 installing a amp and sub

    Hmm never seen them before, may have to have a look, cheers mate
  8. Just wondering if anyone knows if its possible to run a amp and sub to a standard passat b6 headunit, rcd310 at the moment but soon will be a rcd510. I know the headunit doesnt have pre outs etc but wondering if theres any adaptors etc so i can make them run. Thanks
  9. Can any one do me a step by step

    What wheels are they for starters mate, got a pic?
  10. Project 9n3 gti Burple

    Ohh wow, very nice mate
  11. Project 9n3 gti Burple

    Niceeee mate, works so well, i did same to interior bits on gf's lupo few year ago, im a painter to so i know how hard it is to make it work right lol good luck dude
  12. Project 9n3 gti Burple

    Keeping it same colour mate?
  13. Chrome powder coat- who's the best

    Perfection alloys in leicester mate
  14. VW Festival - show and shine entry

    Really is a good show and atmosphere, my 7th year to and seems to get bigger every year, see people there this weekend
  15. my ed30 dsg

    Nice mate, cant decide wether to keep my passat or get a ed30 :/