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  1. Hey mate. Really impressed with your what your doing. Im a fan of your plan and will be following this build as i go start mine for my own V6 4mo project this winter. I love how your so set on the Genuine VW parts as well. Thats refreshing. If only every car build started with fixing the problems and niggles rather than modifications. I hope you enjoy this one mate
  2. Nicki The Audi A3 8P

    New wheels have arrived.. and fitted some new FK Street coilovers at the same time because my AP coilovers wouldnt go as low as i wanted. I liked the cayennes but the offsets were wrong for me, plus i got the cash my way to pay for the suspension and some brakes and bits i needed. MOT time next, but should fly through. If all goes well i have some things in mind for the interior i would like to do. This is a ssloooww build and there has been lots of moments where i have wanted to sell up and move on. But This car is the most reliable car ive had and im very happy holding onto it and making it more my own.
  3. AdzWilson Audi A3 8p

    Nice car mate! That progressed quite quickly! Haha
  4. Audi A6 Build

    Wow. Just wow! I have to be honest this is the first time i have seen this build thread, and i got to the end and i was gutted that there wasnt a picture with the wheels on!!!!!! Hahaha. Lookingforward to that update
  5. Black 225 TT Coupe

    Love the style mate. Really clean and tidy. The boot build is inspiring as well. Well done
  6. Don't feed the birds. Mk2 Golf Gti

    An enjoyable build thread. Good effort man
  7. Nicki The Audi A3 8P

    Thanks man! Much appreciated.
  8. Nicki The Audi A3 8P

    Alright people, Welcome to my build thread! You might notice i put in all the prices for things i have done to the car, its only so i remember not cos im bragging! I hope you enjoy. Back in June 2013 i decided to sell my MK5 GT Tdi Golf as pictured: In return i got £5000 and decided to save £2000 for a mortgage and get a little run around with the rest. So this is what i purchased: It had been a fleet car for a well known high street bank so the mileage was up around the 148,000 mark, but with a full MOT and with TAX it was a bargain. It came with plenty of previous history. New clutch and Flywheel, New rear wiper and motor, the usual pile of old MOT and TAX discs and a New windscreen which was fitted the day i picked it up and almost new rear window. Apparently the previous owner to the seller had had an enemy who appears to have took his frustration out on the rear window more than once, evident from the first hoover i gave the car. First of all the previous owner had fitted an Alpine CDE-W233R Double-din head unit, however there was a trim peice missing so i sourced this from Audi Dealership in Lincoln for £25.06 Next the private plate wasn't mine, so after a few months of the DVLA being slack i eventually got the 2005 number plate sorted and drilled some holes, which was scarey. I immediately sourced some Dubmeister plates for £37. Unfortunately they lost my paperwork, so i had to send another lot to them, but fortunately once my set of plates arrived here, they found my original set of paperwork and posted me out an extra set of plates! I cant complain 2 for 1! I took out the fog lights which were all stone chipped and nasty and gave them a good clean and then Laminex'ed them. I got the car fully serviced, including cam-belt, water-pump and rear pads which came to £400 Next up i decided to ditch the BBS LM reps that it was sat on. They had been in need of a refurb for a long time but the cost outweighed their worth, so i part ex'ed them plus £500 for a set of Porsche Cayenne Turbo wheels. These are 9J Et60 5x130 Which came with 20mm FK Adapters to make them 5x112 and Et40. They look like these: ( Picture stolen from Google.) They came with 2x Continental tyres and 2x Nankangs however the Conti's were almost bald so i replaced them, then a few weeks later one of the Nankangs lost pressure and whilst on my way to the garage to put some air in i damaged the beading so i had to replace those two as well. Now they are fitted with 'Triangle' brand tyres all round and they are all 215/35. These cost £320 in total. Next up i didn't have much money left so it was time for minor tweaks. I got some Philips Ultra-bright headlight bulbs off Ebay for £30 and fitted those, fortunately the car already had LED side lights. Next i got some LED bulbs for my number plates and fitted those, however the CANBUS system wasn't having any of it so i removed those and put them in the interior lights over the back seats and ordered some matching ones for the front bulbs. The LED bulbs came to about £10 in total. Now the car looks far fresh'er when i unlock it in the dark. Heres the results: After i had recovered from Christmas i took the car to Map-Tech in Brigg and had the car performance mapped. It was a custom map but not done on the rolling round so figures aren't confirmed, however it was estimated about 140BHP. The map cost £175 and it feels a lot faster however its mainly less like its struggling low down in gears which makes the drive feel alot smoother. Since then I hurt my ankle at a skate park on roller-blades so i was off work for 6 or so weeks. During that time i gave the car its first proper detail and wax which revealed lots of nasty bits but made me fall in love with the car all over again! Here's the results: Thats all for now. I will add as and when things go down. Thanks for looking, Jonny54.
  9. Static Audi a3 s-line 8p

    Nice ride dude. Your giving me inspiration to get back on it with my A3..
  10. Stevies mk5 Jetta

    Sick ride mate!! Was it you that owned the vento? I live a few streets up from you and my friend lives on your road so used to always spot your cars about. Will say hey next time i see you. Im in the Silver MK5 if youve seen it
  11. MK5 Jetta...

    Nice ride man. Stuff the potencial, Great as it is! Enjoy mate
  12. Reggie The More Door MK5

    Thanks guys! All the possitive comments make it all worth it!! No major plans for the next thing at the moment, I have 3 months of internship coming up in september so wont be on a wage until after that, So atm just saving up for money to live on and insurance/fuel for during that time. Next thing will probably be some winters. Possibly some interesting steels! The AMG's sold on EvilBAY last week im afraid mate, and Ross.. Ill be up soon man. Looking forward to a roll with you guys!!
  13. Reggie The More Door MK5

    Thanks very much for the possitive comments guys Ive been bare skint for the last 6 months and im happy to say its all worth it. The new cambelt, waterpump and fanbelts just been fitted by VW specialist so thats me done for a little while. Just going to enjoy having some money to spend on the little things for once. Might actually finally be able to afford some blank cds so i can have some music to listen to, I have a list of 100 albums i need to burn off. Looking forward to that No doubt i shall be saving up for something else soon though
  14. Reggie The More Door MK5

    Alright Ladies and Gents! Thanks for checking out my build thread. Ive been on this forum for just over a year but never started a build thread so thought it was about time i sorted it out. In January this year i bought my MK5 Golf GT Tdi 140. I was origionally looking at a MK2 Audi A3 Tdi Sport. But after asking for some advice on the performance and economy on a friends golf (Which has the same engine) The chap offered me his outright for the sum of £4000. So i bit his hand off. It had previously been owned by a family guy and had various family style wear here and there as well as a pretty viel looking toebar. However the previous owner has replaced the grandad steeze front end with the gti front end as well as the side skirts and it has the Gti monza alloy wheels which were sold on straight away. The interior is kitted out all Gti'ish as well with the tartan deep bucket seats and its been generic mapped to 170bhp. Its had 95,000 on the clock, 8 months MOT and 12 months tax when i got it. Heres some pics: Obviously the toebar was really getting on my nerves, Personally i didnt find it usefull and would of prefered it not to be there, so the day after i got it i set to work ripping it off. Once i had removed all the dodgey wiring for it all i had a go at fitting the new bumper i had sourced to replace the origional item which had been cut for the toe bar to go through. Unfortunatly there was a problem. The impact support bar had been replaced when the toebar was fitted with an after market adapter item which had a bracket welded to the bottom which you can see in the above picture. This bracket was in the way of the bumper fitting. Sooo: I removed the offending part and fitted the new bumper. Happy days! Proof: Next up i decided to fix some of the dashboard lights and other little problems that needed doing, So once i had got it serviced. I got the EGR valve cleaned up and fitted a new intake manifould flap as the origional part had given up on life. Im also looking into a performance clutch and single mass fly wheel because at peak torque the clutch slips ever so slightly. This is probably a long term thing for me to look into once i have done all the other bits done though because its not very bad at all atm, im just being piccy! haha. The next few bits and bobs i did were fairly cheap and simple, because due to the IMF and the Service my wallet was pretty empty. The rear wiper is a helpfull tool. However its a niggle for me seeing how dirty my back window is whenever i have used it. And also in my opinion removing it tidys up the back end quite subtly: Next up was the badge. Since having the car i havent thought much of the printed VW badge on the back of the car. So i set to change it. The common thing to do is to get a MK6 Golf badge and Retro fit it, However i simply dont have that kinda money to splash about so i went to a scrap yard and bought a MK4 golf rear badge to go on the back. Once i got it home, i split the chrome part from the black background part chopped the legs off the back. Then i removed my rear badge/handle and removed the printed badge that came on it from the factory. I sanded down what was left of the handle and primed and painted it black. Then i superglued the modified MK4 badge over the top. Pictures speak louder than words: Overall im really happy with the result and although its only a subtle little change it makes a big difference towards making the car look that little bit classier!! Next up i was planning on getting the coilovers, However some wheels popped up and the right price and so i jumped at the chance and bought those. They are Mercedes AMG Replica wheels in 19" and are 9.5J all round Et44 and they only cost me £275. I bought some second hand tyres for them for £200 and here they are: A few weeks later I had saved up enough to get the coilovers, I got them ordered ASAP and as soon as they arrived i got to work. They are FK Sport Edition Plus Coilovers. I chose them due to the adjustable dampening properties they have as well as the obvious adjustable ride height as usual. They took the best part of 5 days to fit them due to many rust damaged bolts which the car didnt want to let go of and the delay of finding a few spline tools that i didnt realize i needed. But after much blood, lots of sweat and almost a few tears, i got them fitted and set them at a comfortable height with the new wheels on. Due to the width of the wheels being 9.5J all round they poked quite a lot at the front so i couldnt go as low as i wanted. I looked around for a few months and found some wheels i really liked in the perfect offsets and sizes, A trip to Elsecar 2012 got me hyped and pushed me to get those ordered. Then came the wait, for 2 agonising weeks as i worried about how they would look and if they would fit how i dreamed. While i was waiting, i ordered a new Cambelt, Water pump and Auxilary belt as i have no proof of when it was last done: This still needs to be fitted but will be sorted in the new coupla weeks. Then i got to work fixing all the incredibly anoying dashboard plastics in the car. VW have a habbit of fitting their cars with cheap plastic then coating it in a fine rubber compound that after a few years peels off at the corners and scratches too easily. I decided to take action against it and bought myself some imitation carbon fibre vinyl wrap off EvilBAY and got wrapping all the problem area's of the dash. I dont have an pictures of the previous state of the dash but im sure you can imagine. The bits to be done were: The cd player facia The centre air vent surround The climate control buttons and screen bit The side air vents The headlight switch surround The silver dash strips and door strips The ash tray and ash tray surround Heres some pictures of the devistation: These are the results: Notice the buttons for the climate control Was mad effort cutting the square holes for the led's to light up through. But im happy with the results. Honestly its not perfect but its a damn sight better than it was before!! Next up was lamin-X'ing the fog lights and indicators on the wing mirror's. Not to everyones taste, but i saw a completely standard GTI with its fogs lamin-x'ed and it set the car off so much i had to have a go. And to be honest the indicators were because i just got carried away. At first i wasnt sure about the mirrors, but after a while they really grew on me, It was all really easy to do despite smashing the mirror on the nearside whilst putting the mirror unit back together, Then smashing its replacement too Oops, Good job i dont beleive in bad luck!! Heres some pictures: (Sorry about my thumb) And then FINALLY my wheels arrived. They are 3SDM 0.01's in Silver with polished faces, They are staggard 8.5J front ET45 with Full run 215/35's and 9.5J rears at ET40 with Full run 225/40's When they arrived i spent the whole day getting the stance how i wanted it and was very happy. Then i realized i had no fuel in the car and had to go fill up and re-adjust the height so it was perfect with half a tank rather than empty, It was effort. The next day i gave the car a wax and heres the pictures: And thats how far i have got so far. This week a changed my policy from Directline to Adrian Flux so i could claim the mods on the car so i was all legit. I actually saved £234 which im hyped about and reduced my excess from £750 to £0!! Winner Anyway. Opinions welcome from everyone, Hope you have enjoyed the read. More to come but need to get the cambelt fitted and get saving for the New Clutch and SMF from Darkside Developments before i go any further.
  15. Going Lower...

    I envy your enthusiasm. 13's would be the easier option. then again thats only 12mm lower. But you could get lower profile tyres i suppose...