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  1. Pampers-bomber V1, my C7 2012 A6 Avant

    The A6 has been replaced by this little American I'll upload better pics later. Fairly cheap for what it is really. The car is a 2015 with 45000 km on the clock with all options excluding 21's and 7-seater at roughly £65k. Electric cars are tax exempt in Norway.
  2. Pampers-bomber V1, my C7 2012 A6 Avant

    The era has come to an end. Here's how it looked today on Brabus monoblock V 9.5x20 with 255/35r20 (never thought I'd write this) Nankang
  3. Tire sizes....

    16-17-18-19-20? Offset?
  4. Oz futura face...where/who can repair?

    I would get another face. Check if any of the other 5x120 faces have the same center height
  5. Re-drilling wheels for PCD

    I would front mount the faces, and use adapters
  6. Fitting 356mm brake kit under 19s?

    Are your LM's front or rear mounted? Generally the LM doesn't have much space for big calipers for VAG fitment. The diameter is no problem. My 8-pots with 390x36mm discs fits inside Audi S5 9x19 and R8 8.5x19
  7. 1.8 16v/2.0 16v fuel rail

    The ABF fuel rail isn't what you want. The range of injectors available is rather small. If you prefer to keep the KR manifold, you can use one from Ross Machine Racing. A shorty manifold is better, then you can use a 1,8T fuel rail
  8. E68 Porn(wheel)

    Finally got some work done on this. I have now got the car off the jack stands it's been resting on since 2008. Still have to connect the brake lines and handbrake cables, but at least it's on the ground again.
  9. Mk1 Jetta Restoration - Chop Chop

    Looks lovely
  10. Where to buy outer lips for split rims

    http://www.enha.eu/ http://www.shop-chrom-store.de/felgenschrauben/felgenbetten/oz-felgenbetten/index.html http://www.titanium-touch.de/home.php?language=uk http://www.tunershop.de/Felgen_Zubehoer/
  11. EBC or Brembo

    Brembo, every time
  12. Pampers-bomber V1, my C7 2012 A6 Avant

    Depends on how you dife killer suits Down to only 25 suits now, Pink, Purpel, Corral Red...you name it Taking care of the family takes too much time at the moment, so I do not have enough time to play
  13. Pampers-bomber V1, my C7 2012 A6 Avant

    Not much happening here now a days These might turn up from Germany...Rotiform BTH 21" reverse lip, hidden hardware. Got them for a decent price on kleinanzeigen.ebay.de Comes with dishes (2"?) and centers/faces
  14. BBS RF 16" vs 17"

    They are different. The centers of BBS RS and RF 16" have inner diameter 313 mm and PCD 328,8 mm*34, while 17" have inner diameter 331 mm and pcd 346,8 mm*34 You can however get lips and barrels for 16" centers in both 16, 17 and 18". BBS delivered some of the 17" BBS RS with the smaller 313 mm center These are my BBS 17" Zero lips for 16" centers bought from Felgenfuchs
  15. 195/45/14 Toyo's on 14x9

    How low are you compared to stock? The green Steffan car above is lowered 100 mm and I have seen multiple cars with Formel K 120 mm coilovers with 9x14 and 225/40-14