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  1. Is yours this one. Poorboy's Bio-Degradable All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser http://www.elitecarcare.co.uk/poorboys-bio-degradable-all-purpose-cleaner-and-degreaser.php
  2. What is APC btw please
  3. Beetle RSI

  4. Shiniest wax

    Just bought some of these, read a lot of good reviews on it on DW http://g3pro.com/products.php?page=scratch&select=pastewax
  5. Shiniest wax

    I thought glaze goes before the wax......
  6. Hi guys What do you think is the best wax that gives you a very shiny, glossy, wet look. Much appreciated Qais
  7. My HYBRID build thread

    DC 12 pictures The weather was great, the crowd and the cars
  8. I have used it and its good stuff
  9. My HYBRID build thread

    Thank you man, yeah deffo, have to save for it
  10. My HYBRID build thread

    As I bought some 9.5 wheels for rear a few months ago, had to buy 2 new ones for the front to match Elemental 7 pictures, it was a very good show Rollers
  11. My HYBRID build thread

    Some the latest updates are.... Body work.... Driver side quarter panel done, including smoothing the side skirts to the body, the roof and the front end. Finally the Special R front bumper was fitted. Smooth side lines Notch filled and smooth Washer jets filled R line bonnet bra
  12. John's Bora on Ch's.....

    Very nice
  13. Candy White Bora

    Very nice