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  1. Custom Fit Subwoofer Enclosures

    Any chance of a Mk2 Jetta item? (Ever hopeful!)
  2. Mk3 rear beam doesn't fit my Mk2!

    About a centimetre with the adjustment all the way out, so yeah a fair way proud of what it should be!
  3. Mk3 rear beam doesn't fit my Mk2!

    By axle carrier you mean the housing for the bush which connects to the car right? It's weird if they're wrong but would make sense, and I don't think it's upside down as the handbrake clip threads are on the top as they should be.. I think. Thanks for the help, it's much appreciated! Edit: from looking at my photos could I have the axle carriers the wrong way round by any chance?!
  4. Mk3 rear beam doesn't fit my Mk2!

    Yeah was thinking that, what a faff! For now though its fitted while I try and figure out why it is the way it is...
  5. Mk3 rear beam doesn't fit my Mk2!

    Ok so Flipped both bushes and Doh! Flipped one and Result! It all slid in nicely. Cheers guys had a bit of a brain fart :s
  6. Mk3 rear beam doesn't fit my Mk2!

    Not much in all honesty, I'll give it a go now and see
  7. Mk3 rear beam doesn't fit my Mk2!

    Although I just did a search and found this for sale... http://s529.photobucket.com/user/Wedger69/media/DSC05262_zps85c850bc.jpg.html
  8. Mk3 rear beam doesn't fit my Mk2!

    Yeah all the old bush was removed mate, and swapping them round abd getting it to fit is my mission for today! Will come back to let you know how I got on, cheers
  9. Mk3 rear beam doesn't fit my Mk2!

    Holy sheet really? I'll check it out tomorrow, cheers
  10. Mk3 rear beam doesn't fit my Mk2!

    Off a friends Mk3 GTI 8v, had it a while whilst I slowly built it up Thanks for replying mate, and yeah weird, and annoying !
  11. Yeah went to do the swap today, have polybushed it too but when I went to offer it up it seems to be too short widthways! The polybush sits within the clamps like a glove as well. I was lead to believe the beams were all the same? The rubbish thing is the old beam has been taken away (ongoing project) so can't compare.. Any help would be appreciated! Quick pic
  12. 1999 mk4 golf v5 pickup?

    Specifically a jetta! ^
  13. Jake's Bora Project

    Looked great at the meet well done on the trophy
  14. My Golf Rallye

    Seats are yummy! Shame about the colour difference, i'd probably get it done professionally myself but if you can get the code then you could save money with a little risk!
  15. Another MK2 golf 1.8T build

    I need a friend like you. Bravo, superb work and inspiring dedication!