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  1. Mk4 fast road PD150

    looks nice
  2. Mk3 VRT on Gottis

    Dude, Car is looking amazing! trying to pick my jaw up from the floor.....
  3. My VR6 Charged

    Cheers pal Thanks, love the colour too, still thinking i may keep the colour next year.........lol Hey Gethan, shame about not catchin up dude... heard about your VRT........can't wait to see her go man....... will ask matt....lol not seen yours before but i like what i see man Cheers dude, was a sweet show man
  4. My VR6 Charged

    Cheers mate, Well when i had a look underneath the other weak, seems like the sump nut came right off, so have manged to get a half shaved nut and bolted that on. so still not any further with actually sorting out the scrapping issue except for raising the car slightly a few weeks ago. im gonna try getting stiffer suspension upfront as the FK i have at the mo seem to have a lot of rebound which is obviously not helping the situ Thanks
  5. My VR6 Charged

    Well have a few pics from Players 09, thanks to the guys for the photos
  6. My VR6 Charged

    Cheers bro....... well worth it.... Gethin, how are you? Mate you were so right about Matt............both him and Jeff area couple of awesome guys........gonna go catch up with them again soon. So glad to hear your coming down for E38, was'nt sure if i was gonna go, but if your coming down all the way from Ireland then both me and my brother will definately come down. hows your project going? Oh and Congratulation on the new addition. Thanks dude Will post more pics up soon and video....
  7. projekt:black

    Just been reading this whole thread, and Indy, your is looking sweet man.......
  8. My VR6 Charged

    Cheers dude, I have yet to put the engine covers back on, was concentrating of getting the map done, drove it last night and seem to be getting quicker everytime i drive, and the guys at C2 have'nt even finished it........ can't wait to go back and get the full potential out of this. will have more pics and update soon.
  9. My VR6 Charged

    more pics now added
  10. My VR6 Charged

    So bought this a few months back and installed it a couple of weeks ago, and got it tuned yesterday by Matt & Jeff at C2 (what a Genius he is- Thanks Matt) these are the only pic i have at the mo but will get some more soon.......... She drives amazingly..........just wants to pull like a train and fast......still not finished though
  11. My VR6 Charged

    Cheers pal, will have another update soon
  12. My VR6 Charged

    Cheers dude..............
  13. My VR6 Charged

    Sorry about that............ but thanks
  14. My VR6 Charged

    Cheers Garretts your rado with the purples rims were cool too ............. whats next?
  15. A5 Mo style...

    Looks sweet mo