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  1. Upgrade from ko4-023 BAM

    Try beach buggy turbos
  2. LowCollective meet 06/08/13 Ipswich.

    Ill try get there but will only be in merc
  3. 2004 Leon Cupra R

    These are my Harley Davidson crackle black BMW x5s
  4. 2004 Leon Cupra R

    Right been really busy with the car lately, taking alot of bits off to sell also found my problem with the car The turbo oil seals have gone so its going to be a refurb from beach buggy turbos The blackw8 light will be coming off this week and going on eBay Also I need to get my wheels outside in this weather and get some proper photos of them
  5. Yellow Leon Cupra

    Wow your pretty good with the wrap
  6. Seat Leon Cupra TDI Stage 2

    How does the car drive as in power vs mpg do you drop alot ??
  7. MK1 Leon FR TDI, Stealth Edition

    Omg that's lush
  8. Yellow Leon Cupra

    Dam that's low
  9. Leon TDi

    Well I hope when it comes out it will look good again Any other plans after that ??
  10. Leon TDi

    poo that's not good mate
  11. Seat Leon Cupra TDI Stage 2

    Well done dude Selling my sub box now if ur intetested
  12. 2004 Leon Cupra R

    Messaged mate
  13. 2004 Leon Cupra R

    Right guys selling lots off the car now as the car will be going soon
  14. Mk4 R32 DPB Project Carbon

    So when do we expect to see more carbon goodies :-)
  15. Dubshire works parts runner ;)

    Really like that you gona get some black bits to go down the sides to match the top of the rear door bit