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  1. Battery help, drawing amps.

    I've got my car on a trickle charger which is outside. It's a ctek mxs 5 which is plugged into the garage. I've got a couple of ctek extension cables with the joints wrapped in self amalgamating tape which has held up well for over a year in all conditions.
  2. The thread title is right side so I'm guessing drivers.
  3. Budget Tyres

    When I got rid of my Mk7R I'd just put Michelin supersports on a month before I decided to trade it in so decided to get a cheap set off eBay and sell the supersports. Ended up with a set which worked out about £45 a tyre for 235/35/19. Got them swapped over and drove the 13 miles to dealers. It was raining and they were dangerous to say the least with bags of understeer at not very high speeds and with ridiculous road noise. Wouldn't like to think I was using them permanently
  4. Glue

    It holds the windscreen surrounds onto the carbon fibre tubs at McLaren which have passed crash testing so I hope so
  5. Glue

    3M structural adhesive
  6. Mk1 golf gti stripes

    Toffee wheels are supposed to be good for stuff like this
  7. My Take Up So Far

    Looks like your photobucket needs sorting out
  8. 20vt conversion wiring question

    Completely unrelated but I've tried sending you a pm Johnny bug it's just coming back with an array error?
  9. Audi S1 part number identification. Side skirts.

    A quick google shows part ending 60 to be RH. I know that most car companies generally have handed parts with an odd number for LH and even for RH
  10. 12mm hubcentric spacers

    Yeah that was my thoughts. Not cheap either.
  11. 12mm hubcentric spacers

    ST suspension (by KW) have a 10mm spacer that has a plastic sort of spigot to keep everything central. May be worth a look
  12. Wheel bolt hole seat

    You can buy them direct from compomotive my mate had to get some a few years ago. I think they refer to them as group A inserts or something similar
  13. Project A1NGRY - 2011 Audi A1 1.4 TFSI

    Looks like a good base car. Jonny Cocker had the mentalist S1 which I've seen so far
  14. MK2 Fabialous vRS

    Got a nice set of KW V2's off my old polo 6R gti which should fit this, next to no miles on them and mint condition. Send me a pm if interested
  15. Seat Trimmer - Recommend me

    Edge would be my choice