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  1. Bye Bye Mk6 Golf - Hello Mk6 Jetta :)

    Looks well, however at a quick glance with those effects on the pictures it does just look like a merc! Lovely car choice though, not enough of these about.
  2. IndigoBlue Polo 6n2

    Always been envious of this car, just sits so right now its on air! Quick question, when you were static, did you have to roll the arches for the rears on the 8s?
  3. Another MK5

    Looks really good but I can't help but feel that back wheel is lost! Even 5mm would make that look better at the back, definitely something to consider if you run those wheels I'd say Good work though mate
  4. Matt's 6n2 GTI

    Big thread revival here but I thought with the summer coming up, I'll try to keep this more updated! After all the above, I finally got the plates on and pretty much kept the car as above, apart from adding a new basic head unit. I then got hold of these: 20121002_173600 by MattEllissss, on Flickr They came in gold with gold bolts, 7.5 and 8.5 front and rear. This was far too big to run on the polo so I've switched to 7s all round (pictured). Gives a much more subtle look I think! Spent the whole summer sourcing bits and getting these refurbed in Anthracite. By the time it was all done it was roughly October which saw the car looking like this: 20121013_165015 by MattEllissss, on Flickr 20121013_165702-1 by MattEllissss, on Flickr Safe to say I was over the moon with the improvement! The car stayed like this for 2 weeks (It saw GTI fest at 'Pod) and then back to the winter mode on the RXIIs. Over the winter I've added red grill tape, a K&N Typhoon kit and a custom hidden exhaust, so its a bit noiser (not too much, kept the tone as low as possible) and has a bit more umph. This weekend saw the car looking back in its prime with a quick wash and the wheels back on! 20130302_175823 by MattEllissss, on Flickr The car had been up and down at this point so its settled back down now. Plans for the summer are to hopefully lower it 5-10mm more, get a Colour Concept black leather interior and sort out the sound system a bit, as its strong enough but could do with a bit more. Maybe a few carbon bits but I'm not too sure! Also, I'll chuck some decent pictures in too! Comments welcome, thanks for looking
  5. Induction Kit Heat Shield

    I'm looking at getting the K&N Typhoon kit for my Polo 6n2 GTI and I know the usual way to mount it is the full CCA kit with it going down under neath the car to get the best air flow. However, I'm a bit sceptical about running it on this set up incase of getting water in the filter etc. There is a recommended set up of using it in the engine bay, but I know the GTI engine bay gets pretty hot and the heat soak effectively negates any point of having one. I thought about using a heat shield with a cold air feed coming from the grill/bumper so I could run it in the engine bay permanently. I wasn't sure if something like this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Universal-Induction-Kit-Induction-Air-filter-Heat-Shield-Car-Engine-Aluminium-/271073748179?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3f1d4124d3 would actually do the job or not? Or would I have to improvise with an existing one for a Golf or something similar? Or just mount it in the summer position and hope for the best?
  6. Don't order, by some there! Mike's a good guy to chat to and it'll be cheaper at the show
  7. Tornado Red MK5 GTI. Mildly Modified

    I don't think black does the Tornado Red any favours, Silver is the best bet! Gun mental or Anthracite could look good though
  8. Best place for BBS lips?

    Cheers Blenki, thanks for the PM but I'm looking for new ones out of the box! Adamhhr, I will be selling them in the coming weeks, they're radinox dishes too. I'll PM you as and when I sell them
  9. Best place for BBS lips?

    I've been looking for some new dishes for my BBS RM's and would ideally like to go 7" all round, as 7.5" on the front and 8.5" on the back might take a bit of work on a 6n2 GTI! I've seen the dishes at tunershop and felgenfuch but wanted to know if there is any UK based shops? Or even what the shipping cost is for Felgenfuch?
  10. R19GUL

    But make your wallet happy! Car looks sweet man, good work
  11. Matt's 6n2 GTI

    Finally got an update! The Coilovers arrived on Friday morning just before I went to the DVLA to get my plates swapped to the GTi. This then gave me the motivation to actually get the tyres sorted. I was gonna go for a slight stretch on the 6's as I did with the G60s and go 165/50/15 but opted against it, as the GTis seem to have bigger arches allowing me to run a bit lower on 15s than I could with the 6n. These were then fitted and the coilovers too, took nearly 6 hours due to complications with tools etc! Here is the end result. Crap iPhone pictures but I still her! Polo GTi Side by MattEllisss, on Flickr Polo GTi by MattEllisss, on Flickr I also picked up a few Kleen Freakz products up at Early Edition, so I'll give these a try and then take some proper pictures!
  12. Matt's 6n2 GTI

    Been a long time lurker, but with my new car I thought it might be an idea to start up a build thread! I used to own this 6n: IMG_0059 by MattEllisss, on Flickr Which stayed like that for a number of months, but has now moved onto my dad as a project, as I bought this 6n2 GTI: Untitled by MattEllisss, on Flickr I went up to Woucster to view it after looking for one for about 2 weeks. I bought it from OllieL on here, sound guy and so were his parents! The car has 47k on the clock and close to FSH, so its a little minter! I also got the original wheels from Ollie, which have a mirrored lip and Pepperpot white centres. pepper pot by MattEllisss, on Flickr I then went for a little drive with my mate and his Bug, took a few pictures 'cause I love that little car! Untitled by MattEllisss, on Flickr Untitled by MattEllisss, on Flickr Untitled by MattEllisss, on Flickr Untitled by MattEllisss, on Flickr Plans for it now are to get tyres on the RXII's, lower it as much as physically possible (large bumps around either end of my street!) and space the wheels out. Hope you enjoy! Comments welcome
  13. UK Quattro TT -Project Drop-top

    You're usually infront or behind me on the way to work! I live in Carroll Close so pretty much see this daily. Lovely looking car man, keep up the good work
  14. I remember walking home from school and seeing your Corrado! Both sweet looking cars man, see you about regularly, I drive a blue 6n and im sure you've looked a couple of times? haha Keep up the good work man