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  1. brake upgrade

    Just had my 06 plate 9n3 gti remapped and the standard brakes are being cooked each time I drive it hard. Whats the next step up for the polo? Am I right in saying the golf 312mms fit with the calipers etc?
  2. 1.8t ko3s boost stutter?

    Found with mine when flooring it, its fine 1st,2nd n 3rd but as soon as I hit 4th it loses all boost and I'm running standard tip!
  3. 1.8t ko3s boost stutter?

    You running standard tip?
  4. Black 9n3 GTI 390 BHP

    Love it! In love with those seats, really suits the porsche twists aswell I think! Is that induction set up custom?? I see its blanked over the top by the looks of it?
  5. Front speakers

    I've got a 9n3 gti with a blown front speaker so I'm looking for a upgrade from standard. I'm pretty crap with the audio side of things. Does anyone know the size speakers I need to look for and what's the best make??
  6. Seat Ibiza MK4

    Love the wheels bud, they splits or reps?
  7. golf m2 racer

    Those seats are amazing!
  8. White mk 7 9n3 polo gti

    Good stuff, mines running a custom stage 1 aswell at the moment but plans are in stage for stage 2 already
  9. White mk 7 9n3 polo gti

    Lovely looking 9n3, anything done engine wise or is that future planned?
  10. Boost Gauge

    Been looking at boost gauges for my 9n3 gti recently and saw the one on awesome! http://www.awesome-gti.co.uk/product.php?xProd=3784 Does anyone know from previous experiance wither i have to buy the T piece seperate when fitting it or does it come with the gauge itself?!
  11. MK7 polo GTI

    Awesome car! Haven't seen it around andover for a while but this is why! 4wd will be epic!
  12. Arch work or straight fit?

    Et38 mate?
  13. Been looking into new wheels for my polo 9n3 gti, would some 17" 8.5j alloys fit on the rear or would I need to do some arch work or adapters??
  14. turbo manifold help

    yeah but which bits and bobs do i need to fix it smart arse..
  15. turbo manifold help

    Been told by local exhaust company today that the turbo manifold gasket is gone! Literally could move the turbo by hand. What do I need to fix???