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  1. Mk2 Golf 1.8 GTI - 1.8T 20v

    great looking car. that last picture haha
  2. Hydrographics opinions

    Pretty cool process but on wheels it's not to my taste.
  3. Another MK5 Golf GTI.

    Looks brilliant. Great choice of wheels, simple but effective.
  4. Skodalads VRS

    Car looks amazing. Got a link to the steam cleaner please. I have tanned leather in my bmw and it's filthy.
  5. E60 525d New Car Protection

    Looks brilliant. Nice work
  6. Andypandy's 6n2 TDI

    This is very very nice. The wing looks great and i never thought i would say that, brilliant turn around.
  7. 95' Mk3 Golf Gti8v Progress

    Just read through all of the build. What a great looking car you made, it's a shame it had to go. Gives me an itch for a mk3
  8. Matt's Ibiza Mk4 FR

    looks very nice with the front end re vamp. one of my favorite ibizas around at the moment
  9. Skodalads VRS

    awesome looking fabia. great idea using the alfa seats. wheels look spot on. much plans in body work for it?
  10. MK5 Seat Ibiza S

    wow that looks quality on the new wheels. didnt like the car to start with but you have done a great job to date
  11. Mk4 Ibiza FR

    Yes yes and yes!
  12. Mk4 Ibiza FR

    car looks great. always loved it on the Borbets, seen it a few times on seatcupra.net. What are your plans for the comps after the BBS are on? reali want a set and so hard to find in that fitment.
  13. Adam's Mk4 Seat Ibiza

    looked great on the D90's at UD, need to get my ibiza into gear.
  14. Ultimate Dubs Show 2013

    first time i have been to this show and it was great. good atmosphere and the quality of cars inside was excellent.