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  1. Need a clutch for my scooby but where from?

    Could get one from gsf with the discount code that members put up on the forum
  2. Manda's B8 A4

    Awesome gti sell those,£136 a pair for that style you posted or £80 for the r32 tips with the 90 degree bend
  3. Avaitor TT

    Really like the aviator grey. Will look forward to seeing what you do with it
  4. Bora making knocking noise

    Cheers mate,will have a nosey at them shortly
  5. Bora making knocking noise

    No mate,standard links
  6. So my 1.9tdi bora has developed a knocking noise from what seems to be coming from the passenger side footwell area. After I wound the coils down last week I noticed after a couple of days a knocking sound when pulling off in 1st/2nd but don't seem to be able to hear it in 3rd onwards. It sort of sound like a bottom end knock from the engine but it doesn't make the noise when the engine is revved at a standstill/coasting,only under load/on the move. The sound also speeds up the quicker I go but does disappear after a few minutes of driving. The car hasn't lost any power and I have a tt arb fitted so don't think it could be any fouling on that. Anyone have any ideas or had any similar issues. Will raise the car back up later and see if that helps. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers,Tony
  7. Mk4 R32 DPB Project Carbon

    That looks mean
  8. Nobug's 20th AE GTI

    Would love to give my bora a wet sand but don't have the bottle to go through with it lol the golf looks sweet
  9. Jazz Blue MK4 Golf 1.4 - First car!

    +1 for the super sevens,much better
  10. Royces 20vt 4motion

    On a finalnote ill beat gti festival next sunday on my first ever run down the strip with it Will keep my eye out for this next sunday on the strip
  11. AF Tripple

    Tried some of this yesterday on my s3,finished with collinite 915
  12. E46 M3 Detail

    That looks sweet is the bm paint as hard as vw?
  13. Anyone with vag-com?

    Hi all Started having an issue with my s3 8l this week. It looses power very suddenly when accelerating like the traction control is kicking in,very suddenly for a split second and then takes off again. It feels a bit too harsh for it to be the traction control but it is bringing up the esp light on the dash and this stays on until i turn the engine off (it goes off when i restart the car). It should be throwing up some sort of code so if someone has vag-com around the St Helens/Wigan areas that could have a peek for me (will give beer tokens ) Any help would be appreciated. Cheers,Tony
  14. Hi all I have an imola yellow s3 with the matching alcantara yellow seats. They aren't filthy but could do with a clean. After reading a couple of things on the net,people say just hoover them off and use a damp cloth to clean them. Has anyone used any good products to clean there lighter coloured alcantara that they would recommend? I just wouldn't want to stain the yellow I will give the damp cloth a go tomorrow and see how i get on. Any tips would be appreciated. Cheers,Tony
  15. Shorter wheel bolts

    Hi all Just had a trial fit of some wheels on 15mm pcd adapters only to find the bolts are too long and stick out at the back of the adapter. It looks like i will need around a 20mm thread length. Is there anywhere that makes bolts this short? Didn't really want to cut my standard 1's down. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers,Tony