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  1. Alpine White MK2 VR6

    Bad news about the engine mate
  2. Mk1 Golf Track/Race Car build

    Awesome build bud
  3. Tornado red MK2 8v GTI

    Looks like a lovely example mate
  4. Angry Black Birds On Mars

    You got to upload pics of the interior bud But fair play to you, throwing yourself straight in the deep end and going all out Will be a awesome feeling when it first starts up and you have that first drive in it knowing you built it yourself
  5. Angry Black Birds On Mars

    Awesome update mate Looks amazing
  6. Silver mk2 golf

    It's all in the pipelines Scott it's just money bud So a little update, I've always wanted to do it and thought this would be the time whilst I save for a respray Finished the rattle can paint a few weeks ago on it Finally fitted the spoiler also, I've had it a few years! Not 100% sure on the make of it as I can't see any stamping but I think it really suits The colour is Montana 'marble' I thought it would of been abit darker than it is but it is very very light grey almost a white
  7. mk2 golf 20vt

    Looks lovely all done now nick
  8. MkTwo-Tone Jetta

    Looking good mate and I like your wheel choice! Mine are 17's aswell, think I need to take the helpers out and I need spacers to get it sitting abit better I'm rattle canning mine to in Montana paint
  9. Tornado Red Mk2 Golf Vr6

    Awesome work Can't wait to see this done
  10. Smurf - my Riviera Blue Audi S1

    Seen you the other day as I was travelling to Yeovil It looks lovely mate
  11. MkTwo-Tone Jetta

    How many coats of paint are you using and how are you applying it? Thin coats or thick
  12. MK6 Golf - R32 Smooth Bay

    That bay is lovely Can't wait to see this finished
  13. riders ride on carb diet

    Awesome work so far Can't wait to see this finished!!
  14. Angry Black Birds On Mars

    Brilliant work mate! Love the colour, I'm thinking of doing mine nardo grey when I save enough for a good respray, unless you wanna do it? haha
  15. TYP 19C .. Early MK2 GTI

    Awesome news mate Is that Jason and jonesy's unit??