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  1. My Mk2 16vG60 Project

    Just read through, nice build man , im not far from se london so will keep an eye out, whats show and glow at bluewater? i might head up to players. Also this isnt helping me not wanting to g60 my daily haha. Spotted way back your fuel line to the rail doesn't look great, my first mk2 went up in flames because a garage didnt secure a line back down and the alternator ate it, now i run an6 line on my daily 1.6 overkill i know.
  2. seized coilovers

    Heat, will free easy. The shock is normally a unit inside, so the outer casing is a metal sleeve, also unlikely to get hot enough to explode unless your a bit slow.
  3. my mk2 vr

    Thanks haha ahh got any current/future projects? Yep one of the pros of doing marine engineering
  4. my mk2 vr

    Got bored so thought i would stick a build thread off, wont be updated for a while as im at uni at the moment, heres the progress over the last couple of weeks in the summer. So everything off again, the shell is very solid all over except a couple of patches in the floor pans. The wings underneath where quite good- It just needed a tiny weld on the a-pillar how to repair an expensive back box Subframe and wishbones fully powerflex'd and painted in a 2pac marine paint. in the process of cleaning the pas rack up, thought i would cut the old mount off Dont like the billion rubber gromets in the bay so started to weld some of them up. after 2 days of prep the bay has had its first coat, it needs another and then a 2k clear coat to give it the shine. heres my ghetto booth First clear coat- pretty pleased with the finish though, hope this acrylic lac holds up, well. Made the rookie error of ordering helios and the car is royal met will buy royal met and have a helios bay now :L. Wastage on the old subframe bolts was a bit sketchy :shock: so a trip to tps for new bolts for all the running gear, and steering rack. Just bought these, recaros in white alcantara with rear bench should be sweet . The green golf went to car heaven :thumbdown: had many good times in, the only car ever owned that never got boring to drive. Cut it up with a torch. The rubber grommets where quite dirty so i stuck them in the ultrasound for a bit. there was a nic in one of the racks pipes, so had to braize that up, couldnt weld it because the weld would have filled the pipe. new boots and track rod ends. got the engine out to start cleaning it up. The subrame and brakes are in place ive yet to take pics ha. Im not going to paint the engine, as the block will take an age to prep and you shouldnt paint alloy heads really. hopefully the engine will be in this weekend or the start of next week :thumbup: put new bump stops and top mounts on the front koni's bent one of the spring compressors :? not long till the engine goes in now just a few little bits to sort out. manged to do a day yesterday, cut the clutch hole, stick driveshafts in and lower the engine in. Dads coming up to 60 still managed to lift the vr off the pallet :shock: I mainly took pretty pictures as dad heaved it in Needed to re-furb the clutch master as it wasn't very smooth, blew it out with the compressor 100ft up the drive then spent 30mins looking for the internals :clap: cleaned up the front stuff quickly about the only thing that would fit inside the bumper couldnt resist a quick mock-up Found out the rad has a couple of leaks though, and the starter solenoid is gone, got a new starter coming so hopefully i can fire her up. Now starting to make up brake lines :thumbdown: did a bit this evening, cut the only rot on the car out and welded it up, all over its really solid. will get 2 coats of zinc then an epoxy over the top, same on underside but a top coat of underseal. there was a slight bubble above the filler and when hit with the grinder it opened up, ran out of gas and dont have £120 for a refill at the moment so will have to wait for now. dug the exhaust out, not to sure about the massive tailpipes ha guess i can always cut them off. need to start the interior soon Stuck the rear beam on and powerflex bushes, was going to make up the brake lines but cant find the right sized flair piece for my tool so will have to wait. Also got a new rad off john :thumbup: Still waiting on the starter motor in the post off to uni on sat. Also fitted down pipe, and sprayed the heat covers but dont have a pic yet. Also started to tidy loom, seems mk3 part for the wipers isnt the same, so have sliced that out the old loom, then need to remove air-con wiring and re-wrap. The starter fineally arrived but about an hour before i had to set off for uni, so fitted it but didnt have time to fire her up Will hopefully finish everything at xmas. This is how i left it- Work fast when im at home, but wont be doing anything for ages now, sorry for the really long post will do them separate from now on. Will try and do some at xmas, off to hong kong for a holiday in easter. And im collected parts for turbo and haldex one day, i have a large turbo off a v8 speedboat.
  5. 1988 Mk2 Driver

    nice mk2 man
  6. When rebuilding an engine?

    Not a good idea to do "bits" on the engine, either wip the sump off take a look clean and put back, or go the whole hog and do all shells etc.
  7. Am I being ripped off?

    Find most non genuine stuff isnt up to stratch, gsf rubber king pin for my mk2 lasted 6 months, cv boots are a lot thinner and poorer quality than oem too.
  8. MK2 Golf GTI Gearbox Problem

    is the selector in the neutral postion on the box?
  9. R32 Turbo

    ahh was just wondering as I'm a marine engineer well halfway through my degree ha.
  10. R32 Turbo

    nice R, what do you do for a living? saw your rig picture
  11. The under side is a tad overkill in my opinion . I would personally spot prime, but you might find it easier (as its your first car spraying) to prime the whole car. The best thing which my dad says too is "its all in the prep" which is true any little marks etc will be amplified on the top coat. Wet and dry is really handy, and also tack rags or some kind of clutch cleaner. Theres a good guide to painting 2k on a welding website? im sorry ive forgotten its name ha. Also im not to sure about primer to be honest, but ive always ordered primer from the same supplier as the paint.
  12. More Door Mk2 Retro/Old Skool?

    nice, 1.3 to 1.6 to valver haha, what are your wheels? they are amazing
  13. Mk2 Golf Driver starter motor

    any big block mk2 starter should fit, i believe mk1 big block starters fit aswell. mk3 im not too sure about.
  14. Mk2 golf

    Sounds like air leak, engine sound you describe, kind of sounds like its running on 3 cylinders.
  15. mk2 vr6

    corrado one is easier to fit, the mk3 pedals require some mods. your mk2 pas will work if using, mk3 subframe and mk2 wishbones. im using mk2 16v driveshafts, think gti shafts work too, they are just 100mm cups i think?