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  1. Update is I got the bls head and fitted it as it was with cam, sprocket as mine got damaged in the failure. the casting was identicle so used all the bjb fittings and I put the bjb injectors in with new seal kits. The result is a sweet running van! Couple of lobes had began wearing on the new cam though probably from wrong oil but il get that in future! Thanks for the help!
  2. Hero, i'l see if the cam will will go again!
  3. So I've bought a bjb engined t20 caddy van which has had a decent speed cambelt snap so every valve is bent or dropped. Does anyone know what the bls head has different? I noticed headsets weren't the same online and I've lined a bls head up cheap and get the van home tomorrow. I don't like to ask but it's getting on my tits not knowing because my mind doesn't stop! Cheers if anyone can help
  4. golf mk1 .polo gt engine swap.

    Just incase and for the sake of a few minutes, i'd firstly check your blue temp sender if the car behaves differently at temp changes like that, common thing for a temp sensor giving bad feedback to cause very poor running on those. However its alarming that the pump is in the engine bay on that engine setup
  5. Miami Vice

    Car looks epic, defo in the right hands! That toughened windscreen gets me in every picture, I'm still an early golf pervert at heart
  6. ECS Shallow Sump Kit

    I'm aware that's an old post but this thread caught my eye today. part number 06A 145 735 AB will fit but it's more costly than an adaptor would have been
  7. I've took one of these alarms out of a doner car and have a few rogue wires and a load that I don't know if I make use of. A diagram or Pinout would be fantastic if anyone can. Cheers!
  8. G60 problem

    Miles better hot now, was awful before.
  9. G60 problem

    I meant charcoal can I was trippin balls! Worth taking a look inside the charger? I'm not an idiot by the way even though I feel like it for asking haha
  10. G60 problem

    Dunno the last service, got it yesterday and its been stood 7 months! I swapped the knackered battery, the 1m hose was 90cm so I did that and sacked the co pot to the bin! Made a world of difference! Noticed the decat has no lambda in it though! Next issue is a supercharger noise, it has a receipt from gwerks 7k ago and it looks like new but this intermitent odd noise like a noisy alternator, had stethoscope on it and it is the charger. Could it's little timing belt being off a tooth be a possible culprit?
  11. G60 problem

    Firstly i hate asking for help so be nice please. Got a G60 yesterday that the power is all over on, Im going to go out and try to solve it but thought i'd leave this in the mean time as im not familiar with these engines and management. Sometimes the power doesnt come in til 3500-5000rpm its really slow and groggy and then the car bursts into life with a massive power surge. Doesnt seem to want to boost in first at all. Blue plug looks new but im going to test it and look for air leaks. Does anyone from experience know where else i need to look? Im going to knock a simple LED fault code reader up too to see if it shows anything. want to get the engine out soon as its done so in a bit of a rush cheers
  12. mk1 golf 16v problem

    Think you need to be looking into the basics first before taking the dash out like checking if its fueling, fuel pressure, if the sparks weak, air leaks etc. Think it sounds like a fuelling issue personally
  13. More doors, less life

    Always impress me with the quality of the work on your cars! Colours not bad either
  14. Porsche 20vt conversion

    Think the 8v engine is the one with the axle snapping torque figures...
  15. Mine ran like that when the recirc valve was stuck open, maybe worth a compression test though.