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  1. Brake pads rattling?

    most probably, It was a spring discussed on an alfa forum. I dont mate, how would i go about getting a replacement or?
  2. Brake pads rattling?

    morning guys. recently had my pads changed on my passat B6 and theres a rattling sound when i go over man hole covers thats stops when I brake slightly. After reading up it sounds like there must be a spring missing from the brake when they've been fitted. I'm a complete novice with stuff like this, can anyone confirm that im on the right tracks, is this something that can be sorted quickly at a garage. Cheers
  3. I've sourced a bare engine for my passat and recovered my car I now need someone who can remove the old engine and fit my replacement in the Doncaster area if anyone could point me in the right direction!
  4. My B5 S4 project

    I love this car! Definately need an s4 sometime soon.
  5. Keeping a raw metal 'raw' & rust free?

    you want to look on some bike forums. BMXers do this thing a lot and might be able to point you in the right direction.