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  1. Luke's MK3 Build - That got out of hand

    Pics really don't do this justice man <3 Looks so awsome in the flesh lol
  2. Luke's MK3 Build - That got out of hand

    No rolling low u fliper don't ruin my nice paintwork ahaha looking good bro
  3. Luke's MK3 Build - That got out of hand

    Not bad for gun finish we will get summink sorted about ur rears mate
  4. Luke's MK3 Build - That got out of hand

    Safe to say my iphone rolling shot is the nuts looks so good man be even better wen iv finished ur wings
  5. Forgot to say she has now sold new owner took her a few days ago sad times
  6. cars nuts man cant wait to see it done ! these gti pro's are awsome i use a base and clear gti pro at work cracking gun and good value for money in my opinion
  7. heres how she looks atm polished up and on a set of Porsche teledials and of course is for sale
  8. Chino's 20VT Ibiza FR

    looks great dude wana swap for my octy on air
  9. My mk4 1.8T conversion

    welcome along William cars looking good pal
  10. Yeah time to move on need some speed in my life lol possibly not even vag
  11. need something fast again mate
  12. all up to date pics on 4 sale add
  13. now for sale in other vag section !!
  14. 'LOPO'

    love this little polo truly awesome ! noticed u had no reverse at players