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  1. Well I'm guessing that's maybe the problem... I was hoping for a suggestion of where to check further up towards the fuse box??
  2. Just done a shell swap for a friend of mine, simple enough, 2x mk3 (or mk2f) polo coupes, one with a GT engine and the other with a 1.4 16v AFH on bike carbs. The AFH has gone into the GT car, I've copied the setup from the donor car to the exact detail but the facet fuel pump does not seem to be coming in when the ignition is turned on. I have literally snipped the wires off the GT underbody fuel pump and connected them onto the facet fuel pump wiring, just 2 wires a brown and yellow/red. The facet pump works as I've tested it quickly on the battery, as seen as the GT car was running before hand I can't see why the pump isn't coming in off the ignition now? Am I missing something?
  3. Wondering if there is a recommendation on what oil I should use in my Stage 2 Vortech supercharged VR6?
  4. Does anyone know the code for the NGK colder spark plugs for a stage 2 supercharged vr6? I've found NGKBKR7E but just need some more info
  5. Lupo gti bad steering issue

    Think ive found the issue, handbrake was abit sticky so released it off and car drives straight and true now. Think because its such a small light car it affected it more than it would affect a normal sized car
  6. Lupo gti bad steering issue

    I do have some slight wheel wobble but would that cause it to pull to the right? I'm going to try a few cheap solutions first then I'm going to get worried
  7. Lupo gti bad steering issue

    Tyre pressure is fine but I've taken off the drivers side wheel and the wear is very odd. It's as if half the tread is ok and the other half is twisted :/ I'm going to put the rear wheels on the front and see how it drives. I really really hope it's not accident damaged :/ the chassis legs look untouched but I did notice the anti roll bar looks in very good condition for 9 years old lol
  8. I've just bought a lupo gti and it's beginning to occur to me that something is really wrong with how the car drives and the steering. It feels as though there is force against the steering when you turn left and it springs back to centre very quickly, it also seems to pull to the right quite badly and the O/S/F tyre is wearing funny as if the tread is being burnt off (it gets very tacky to the touch) To look at it it looks fine and you can't see the tracking out of line, the steering doesn't make any odd noises but it did fail its last mot on a cut N/S/F tyre so it's running 3x uni royals and 1x ditch finder. It looks like it's had brand new front shocks recently too, I'm starting to wonder if it's been in an accident and has been repaired badly. I can hear some wheel bearing noise so I'm going to find out which side but I'm more than certain its N/S/F again. Can anyone offer any suggestions on the best steps to take?
  9. mk2 Golf Gti 1.9 TSR 16v

    Love this!! Very very impressed, gorgeous car and a healthy amount of money spent in all the right places. Excellent car mate. Had dealings with TSR myself, they used my old Golf to develop the Milltek 4 branch for the 2.0 ABF bottom end swap on the 16v MK2. Also had the 276/286 TSR cams in there, what they dont know isnt worth knowing.
  10. Hahaha I dont think i will or ill cry at the money thats gone into it lol Thanks people appreciate the feedback, its for sale
  11. Just a little update for now Had my wheels re-powdercoated and swapped some G60 brakes off my mk2 golf into my jetta Brake swap IMG_0136AWE by Eddy16v, on Flickr Golf BBS and Jetta BBS IMG_0137AWE by Eddy16v, on Flickr Quick picture from work yesterday IMG_0155AWE by Eddy16v, on Flickr Wheels, its like a polished effect powdercoat IMG_0086wheels by Eddy16v, on Flickr IMG_0085wheels by Eddy16v, on Flickr
  12. Bought some Helix Smoked headlights from ECS tuning BEFORE IMG_0077lights by Eddy16v, on Flickr AFTER IMG_0080lights by Eddy16v, on Flickr
  13. MY BBM Blue Mk2 Jetta (Daliy Slag)

    LOl ive yet to find out, I just couldnt get hold of a CV joint for my car for some reason then I found a full setup in the stores upstairs and found out theyre mega cheap from euro