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  1. Hi guys, was unsure exactly where to post this so chose here as its a pretty specific problem. I have a burnt out exhaust valve on my 2002 R53 Mini Cooper S, and need to replace this. Head is all stripped down etc Does anyone know of any companies who supply the valves as I have tried a few to no avail! Or of any companies that are likely to have used valves from bigger valve installations? Thanks, Tom.
  2. Hi there, so I have recently carried out an engine conversion of an AUM engine into a CE1 Mk2 Golf gti 16v Im at the stage where I am trying to start but there is no fuel getting past the injectors although there is fuel pressure in the rail. I have had a multimeter to check the voltage supply to the injectors when the key is turned to ignition and it is showing just over 3ish volts. Is this expected? My question is what could be causing the injectors to not open on cranking? Could it be something like a faulty crank or cam sensor which in turn will stop other systems working to prevent starting? Thanks in advance, Tom.
  3. Any auto electricians willing to help in the harrow area

    Oh trust me, I have read that thing over and over And pestered rub johhny so much that I feel like a complete nuisance (andyout made the loom and his advice also doesn't seem to get the fuel working when it should) But with everything I try, the fuel pump just will not pump on when the engine is being cranked
  4. Hi guys, so basically this is a plea for some help on my mk2 ce1 1.8t conversion, using the mk4 aum software I've done the complete conversion, and wired everything up correctly as far as I am aware, but still can't get this thing to fire If anyone could help, please let me know as I am so desperate to get it running before I strip it down and start painting bits Thanks, Tom
  5. What colour is this?

    Just wondered if anyone knows the paint code for this car? Quite a well known car so figured someone must know!
  6. Mk2 20v Mounting throttle pedal

    Hello again good people of edition! I'm in the final stages of my mk2 20v conversion with an aum engine and I have the fly by wire accelerator pedal. I'm using a corrado pedal box and planned on mounting the pedal of the side of the box with some angled metal but the fuse box seems to be in the way. What has everyone else done to mount the pedal? Thanks in advance
  7. MK2 20v Oil Pressure

    Ah right brilliant, so just forget about the mk4 sensor on the filter housing and leave the wire to it unplugged? I've got both mk2 oil sensors fitted and plugged in, was just worried about the mk4 plug from the harness. Thanks.
  8. MK2 20v Oil Pressure

    Hi guys, so as far as I can see I cant find out what oil pressure sensors to use in accordance with the oil T-piece I have. Could anyone tell me or better show me what combination of oil pressure sensors I need to use? I am using an AUM engine into an 89 16v on a converted loom to run the standard 89 clocks. Thanks, Tom.
  9. Mk2 16v ce1 fusebox

    Hi guys, Basically im after a few clear pictures of the fuse box with all of the inputs etc clearly visible. Im doing a 20v conversion with a converted loom, and having a bit of trouble remembering where all of the wires go! Any help appreciated, cheers.
  10. Ok so I'm currently carrying out a 20v conversion and have fitted a stubby Ibiza master cylinder, was just wondering what fluid reservoirs would fit? Any help appreciated! Thanks, Tom.
  11. 100mm 02j driveshaft cups. WHERE FROM?

    Just to let everyone know ive got hold of a set now. Had to fork out £80 though! Although realistically that was going to happen as I havent got the time to search breakers yards at the moment! Cheers for the help everyone! Tom.
  12. 100mm 02j driveshaft cups. WHERE FROM?

    Hi there, so as above I am after some driveshaft cups for the mk2 conversion I am carrying out. I am in quite desperate need so cant really go out trawling scrap yards as I need then soonish. If anyone knows the part numbers, or where these can be bought from for non extortionate prices then please let me know! Thanks, Tom.
  13. Filler

    They are doing so because they have a very small knowledge base on body work. Hes a mechanic . . Should stick to what he does. I would love to see some of the bodge jobs they have put out up close!
  14. One for the bmw boys

    Sorry, think i should state that its an e30, but has obviously been registered very late. If anyone can point suj in this direction I would be grateful
  15. One for the bmw boys

    93 mate