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  1. Mk1 Jetta Restoration - Chop Chop

    Epic build
  2. Volksrod 101

    New uprated rad and almost half the size of the original subie rad. Got 2 7"fans to help with air flow.
  3. Volksrod 101

    Was nice to get it out in the sunshine today. Hopefully should get moving along with this very soon. Delivery of car parts today yay!!!!
  4. My Take Up So Far

  5. Volksrod 101

    Hell yes future plans once I've got it running and a bomb proof gearbox.
  6. Volksrod 101

  7. Volksrod 101

    Been a bit slow on the Scoobug aka Rotbox the last month or so but things should start moving very soon! Coolant pipes are in now but I've been trying to get away with using the Forrester rad and it's just to big so no room for the intercooler and the exhaust.
  8. Volksrod 101

    Put away for the winter see u in a few months when it's warmer and I can stand to be out in the cold lol
  9. Volksrod 101

    Does it look big in this lol.
  10. Rocky the scirocco!

    Nice been thinking one of these for my daily.
  11. Volksrod 101

  12. Volksrod 101

    And this is were I'm at at the moment, induction kit fitted cambelt cover painted up. Some coolant pipes fitted but need adjusting as it's sticking out to far for my liking. Now the winter months coming in its to bloody cold in the garage for me so it's a big save up time trying to get it ready for maybe mid show season.
  13. Princess ANN

    Attention to detail is great here. Love what your doing with the mk2. Makes me won't one more and more lol.
  14. Volksrod 101

    Another ebay find £22 cobra monaco bucket seats. One is bent so in the bin that goes but the other will do the trick for a while and help for fabrication of the seat mounts.
  15. Volksrod 101

    Rev counter and shift light fitted and moving the temp gauge to the stereo blank I'm fitting later.