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  1. My A4 B6 Avant

    hello how you done yelow fog light this is foil or just yelow blumbs
  2. Stretched tyres, since it is asked a lot

    hello any body now where in west midlands I can make stretch tyres 215/40/18 on 10.25j
  3. B7 Audi Avant S line The Family Wagon :D

    what size tyres is stretch and this wheel is 10j or more
  4. audi a6 by lukasza6

    hello today I finish my wheels I think that end of month I fit tyres Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. Split Rim Torque Settings, Tools Required.

    hello what stud torque settings for my 18' schmidt th-lines, 40 bolts 3 piece
  6. stretch tyres

    hello where in west midlands or in birmingham I can make stretch tyres I need 215/40/18 fit on 10.25j
  7. audi a6 by lukasza6

    on next year I put on the car 10.25j on rear witch tyres 215/40/18 today I fit on car and every thing is ok Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  8. audi a6 by lukasza6

    I start polishing wheels and in this wekend I want try again fit wheels on car and choise witch one go on rear 9.75j or 10.25
  9. Another A4 ...

    so rear wheels is 9j or 9.5j ???
  10. audi a6 by lukasza6

    hello last weekend I fit my wheels on a6 and I have two option on front 9j rear 9.75j or 8.5j and 10.25j rear et 38 I not sure witch one put on the car I make some picture 10.25 9.75
  11. Another A4 ...

    do you fiting any spacers on rear wheels what size is now and et ???
  12. Audi S4 Nogaro Blau

    what et do you have on rear ther is 9.5j but what et???
  13. B7 RS4 Project

    hello how you done the chrome arround the window on the black I want do in my a6 but I dont now this is paint or vinyl wrap
  14. hello week ago I finish my 3.5 lips
  15. audi a6 by lukasza6

    I spend some time exactly tree wekends hend job wet sand paper 280 to 2500 plus autosol on feld pad and maguiers all metal polish