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  1. adaptor

    Does anyone know how much he charges? I would just email but I'm just weighing up options at the moment, don't actually want to buy them yet and don't want to waste his time.
  2. 9J Schmidts ml's on mk3

    Can't help on the original issue, however... THAT ROOFLINING IS THE MOST AWESOME THING I'VE EVAAAR SEEN! How?
  3. Mk3 Estate TDi

    Hi Guys Copied over from the Mk3 section I have a 1997 Mk3 Estate, and I love it. I have had a few cars in my short few years driving but this is the best. It's never going to win any awards (unless I win the lottery) but I love it for what it is. Pics... Oh... and the reason I can't splurge all my cash on the car - but I love him all the same (very) Long term plans are: Pressed plates and surrounds Coilovers - budget HotTuning Wheels - ideally Borbet A or ATS cups Lamin-X head and tail lights Black VW emblems New interior - probably mucho cheapo second hand GTI 5dr interior, modded to fit rear Then... Who knows! Only things done so far are mainly maintenance - all by me, learning all the way through! Both CV boots Front disks and pads Had to take out clutch pedal to have a little tab welded back on that snapped off. Oil twice Pollen filter Air filter Tow bar removed Mk4 Golf Gear knob & new leather gaitor Front tow eye cover - original was smashed and full of dirty water and leaves. Cambelt at 120k - this I DID NOT attempt myself Anyway - but just saying hi, your cars are an inspiration!