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  1. BMW E61 vagcom type program?

    Hi Alex, Cheers & Sorry for my late reply! Passenger seat emulator seems to be the main one. I manaaged to get the dealer I bought the car from to fix the other things Cheers GReg
  2. BMW E61 vagcom type program?

    Hello, I have just bought a 2006 E61 520d and I am having a few electrical problems, coming from VW & Audi I would fire up VAGCOM to find the problem, does know what the BMW equivalent is? Cheers Greg
  3. Any North West meets?

    Unphased meets are always good! Depends where abouts in Lancashire you are but we have our CumbriaVAG meets once a month, everyones welcome
  4. Vento Project Custard Cream

    Hello Decieded now that I am actually making some progress on it that I will do a build thread! I purchased a 1995 Vento GL 1.8 last year to get me to the hospital when my dad had a stroke as my MK4 Gti had let me down again. I was just going to drive it around for a bit but got offered a US Spec tub and managed to get hold of a Jetta3 badge cheap enough. Then found some VR6 rear lights on ebay for cheap I was going to stick the 1.8t out of the MK4 in it but ended up selling it Bought a TT So the Vento had to go to a new home for a year Until now I managed to pick up a VR6 Mk3 for £350 so now Ive started to convert the Vento. I plan on running my OZ Fittipaldi wheels that I was going to run on my TT replacement MK4. Also got an early Vento grill And was delighted to find this beauty in the VR6 Hopefully have the old 1.8 out this weekend then can start stripping the VR6 properly
  5. Viair compressor upgrade

    Hi My Viair 380c has just given up, I was planning on upgrading it anyway later this year and that decision seems to have been made, I'm looking at getting either a 444 or 480 or even 2x380c. Is it just a case of replacing the compressor or will I need to change anything? Sorry if a silly question! Not to clever on the air system! Cheers in advance!
  6. 17" OZ Fittipaldi Fittistar centre cap help?

    Ohh if you do deciede to sell them PM please
  7. 17" OZ Fittipaldi Fittistar centre cap help?

    You legend! Helped with the fitment and centre caps Cheers
  8. Apologies if I've put this in the wrong place - Mods please remove or move to correct place if needs be I have just picked up some OZ Fittistars but I don't have any centre caps, I have searched but couldn't find anything. Does anyone know the part number for them? or know if any other OZ Center caps will fit? Cheers Greg
  9. CumbriaVAG 2014, Sat 21st & Sun 22nd June

    Looking forward to it! Shame I missed this years
  10. Vento top mount sitting incorrectly :(

    Cheers peeps Ill take it apart next Saturday if it isn't raining. Not sure what the other top mounts were sorry as I just assumed they would be correct!
  11. Vento top mount sitting incorrectly :(

    The top mounts were supplied by the guy I bought the car from.
  12. Hello I am having a problem with my 94 Vento, I took it to a garage to replace the top mounts as it was making a grumbling noise, with some that were supplied with the car, problem is the noise is still there. I looked at the top mounts and they clearly aren't sat right. I spoke to the garage again and they said they tightened them as much as they could. Any ideas what the problem could be? It has some cheap coilovers on it and I'm not sure if they are from a MK2.
  13. RH Wheel adapters

    Cheers I will give them a shout. Would 35mm front and 25 rear work? Cheers Greg.
  14. RH Wheel adapters

    AHh thats good then. I wouldn't mind a slight bit of poke or sitting flush if thats possible. As long as it isnt tucked or mexiflush then thats fine.
  15. RH Wheel adapters

    Ahh yeah I forgot about there Cheers fella