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  1. MIVW 2016 August 6th

    Just seen this on Facebook from the MIVW page: Finally we got news, there will be a MIVW event 2016 @Valkenburg airfield Safe the date: Saturday August 6 More info about the NH hotel reservation will follow in the next few hours.....
  2. Ok mate, I've never used him but his work is amazing. I'm in assembly maintenance... I cover quite a few buildings across site. I don't own a VW at the mo and I don't drive to work so you won't see my cars there are some pretty tidy VW's though, and some not so tidy ones!
  3. This looks epic! Makes me miss my mk3... Have you got a trimmer sorted? I work at Bentley too so I can put you in touch with a few of the lads at work if you want? Their work is top notch, I've had some stuff done on my 924 and my dad on his 928 in the past.
  4. 20th Anniversary GTI - from the frozen north

    ^ North America got a 20th anniversary too! Iirc they came in jazz blue? too! Looks nice, I'd say replace the coils and get a set of 18's
  5. Amazing work as always Great history, I'd keep it if I was you, even if you just tucked it away for a couple of years!
  6. Without sounding too blunt, do a search. These are two threads I've found within seconds of going into the detailing section http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=203357&page=1 http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=545497&do=findComment&comment=5707491
  7. I've seen that donkey tec are going with their mk2 the week after (9-16th may) so are more people going to be heading out after the show?
  8. bentley centre caps

    Check your pm's
  9. HT Lead length?

    The longer the lead, the higher the resistance which leads to voltage drop. Therefore you'd have a poorer spark as the full voltage wouldn't make it to the spark plug. In general you try to keep the cable runs as short as possible. If that's not possible, you will then use a larger cable diameter. Edit. I'm talking about general electrics, I'm guessing about the poorer spark but the same theory applies
  10. I couldn't tell but as there was no moisture/dampness in the car, I'm guessing it did its job. Just don't put it in a stupid place so when you're fumbling around you knock it over and rice goes everywhere
  11. As people have said... Inflate the tyres so you don't get flat spots, handbrake off, leave the battery on trickle charge if possible? Start the car every couple of weeks and leave a moisture trap (bowl of rice etc) inside. That's all I did when I SORN'd my car for the last 4 winters
  12. 20v Corrado

    Looks mean
  13. I think 312's are the biggest you can go with D90's so you should be ok. I think the standard size on my 944 is 298mm.