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  1. Daily Mk2

    small update today put some stuff in my glove box the other day only to find when i tryed to get it out it had fallen through the cracks/holes so free replacement also managed to get hold of a new speaker grill and rear bumper for free so cant complain and the bumper should keep my busy at the weekend seeing as its going rain and i cant clean it
  2. Daily Mk2

    finally sorted out the inside of the 2 today fitted a GTI cloth interior which i prefer and its alot tidier than the leather here have some pics sorted out the front arch trim today as mine was missing a bit, mannaged to get a whole 16v of spares Gave it all a decent steam clean today and detailed the outside ready for the long trip up to UD's :wub:
  3. Daily Mk2

    i collected it from central london just after christmas
  4. Daily Mk2

    haha yea i know think i might leave it this time ended up getting a whole new profile last time
  5. Daily Mk2

    The new boot decal couldent have gone better to be honest only took 30mins to get the window out decal on and window back in with a quick clean of the seal Having never taken a window like this out before i cant belive how easy it was First job after getting the window out was to clean up any of the old glue using meths and a little bit of scotch bright being careful not to got through the paint or over any paint that would be shown after the decal was put on, i did use a heat gun for the larger bits of old decal left behing which look the old glue off with it too. Then using the holes for the wiper and washer i lined it up and i will be compleatly honest i just wingged it and did it all in one go. Used a heat gun to gently stretch the vinyl around the corners and lines in the body Refitted the window again so easy with the help of a mate and some old train emergency stop cord Fitted the spoiler and wiper arm job done!!! And for the time it took and the price i think it was well worth it, its compleatly changed the car
  6. Daily Mk2

    Not just a janky old mk2
  7. Daily Mk2

    todays progress some of you may have noticed that the boot lid surround was pealing and it really meesed up the back of the car so ive now removed the old one to be replaced by a new one tomorrow after ive got the rear screen out. Heres the new one cut from pretty much the same vinyl as would have been used in the factory Heres a pictures of the interior before it gets replaced with rainbow on wednesday And finaly i thought i would show you just how bad the rear struts were
  8. Daily Mk2

    Cheers buddy ive always liked mk2's and i wanted something that stands out atleast a little bit. I know exactly what you meen, my old car got basicaly destroyed by the guy who bought it from me, Now it seems to be in safe hands atleast. and as for coilovers im all for decked cars but not on a daily been there done that.
  9. Daily Mk2

    Here's my new daily, well i say new its as old as me but much better looking all the same when i picked it up the rear sturts were just made of rust the paint was starting to go pink and the idle speed was through the roof and the g60 leather someone had grafted in there was well just sorry... but i instantly fell in love with it and you cant put a good dog down can you as far as plans go i think im right in saying that im going to be doing the exact opposite of what most people do here including me and thats put it compleatly back to original and just a good general tidy up first i changed the rear sturts and then went about a really good clean polish wax the works then the original bbs ra where sent to blast and coating and refitted next is new front and rear bumpers and replace the viynal around the tailgate i havent got any pics of what it looked like but here are some of it now Thanks comments and advice more than welcome
  10. carpet cleaning

    cheers buddy ill try and get the steam cleaner out this afternoon
  11. Had i bit of a clean today and found some engine oil i dident even know i had has been leaking Any way of getting it out or is it a new carpet Cheers gibo
  12. powder coating

    i can get them coated for £35 a wheel and its a pretty good finish so aslong as its possible i will powder coat them and the do what i was gona do thanks for the info buddy
  13. Kleen Freaks products

    gota start somewhere and if the products are good what does it matter
  14. powder coating

    hi was just posting to ask if its possible to flat and spray clear coat over black powder coat? looking at getting a set of wheels powder coated, then flat and spray part of them with base and then spray clear the whole wheel, im thinking it would be quicker and easyer than spraying the whole wheel black first cheers gibo
  15. New speakers and head unit for a Passat

    Looking at replacing all the door speekers/tweeters etc and possibaly my head unit in my B6 passat anyone know what sizes I will need and any recomendations for a nice clear sound as my current speakers are all KAPUT.... and i have no idea about this kinda thing thanks guys