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  1. Bodyshop around stoke/staffs

    Hi mate, where in Stoke are you? PM me
  2. Raj's Highline VR6

    that looks sweet...vento front would look ace, had one on mine and thought it was the best mod!
  3. Volksrod 101

    great work...keep the updates coming!
  4. Didnt see that comming lol....did you not get the mk2 then? This is one of the cleanest mk3s around mate, sweet!!
  5. mike's oak green valver

    no mate...think the dream is over! sold the bits i had all but a parcel shelf. Trying to talk the mrs into a t5 transporter to look at doing a day van/camper conversion if i can have my mk2!
  6. mike's oak green valver

    looking good Mike!! Keep up the good work! She is a good base which is why i purchased it...glad to know that shes getting the work shes needs to make her mint
  7. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    my vote is for the b-stars...they have a page on facebook
  8. Indigo Mk4 - The Journey So Far

    thats mint! great work...love how you are doing it yourself...do what you want mate you can always change later
  9. Pearl Grey B*****D

    alex, looks great with the new front....i'll keep an eye on progress! Rich
  10. looking super clean Steve...will have to pop over and see this in the flesh! been manic on the house recently but still have a hankering for a dub!! still trying to convince the mrs....
  11. looks clean Steve like all your previous motors! A few mods to update the look and it will look sweet! think it looks high due to the wheels, wont take much to get it looking spot on pal! will have to have a swing over and check it out at some point!
  12. alright Steve!! You starting a new thread? whack some pics up youth..!
  13. no footy for me tomorrow so its decided, will be popping over....
  14. how to get a better signal for radio but no aerial

    mate just seen this, the aerial hole has been deleted so when i owned it i just attached the aerial in the top of the inside of the wing, assume its not there anymore?? it wasnt great but was better than before