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  1. Joe's MK6 Golf R

    Carbon spoiler fitted and attended players show. Ordered new wheels. Currently selling the fithteen52 and I have a set of 18x9.5 Alphards currently for sale. Car will be in show at show and glow, unfortunately with out the paint repairs
  2. Joe's MK6 Golf R

    Thanks guys. Just few pictures Carbon fibre rear spoiler turned up
  3. Joe's MK6 Golf R

    Some photos from low collective today
  4. Mk7 R

    looks immense
  5. Joe's MK6 Golf R

    While bentleys we're nice, very nice! Just to big, they was crash and bumpy. Also damaged all my arches! (Stupid accuair) So the 18" are better drives a lot better! Thinking of poss going 18/19" next year but not 20" again
  6. Joe's MK6 Golf R

    no worries, it was the car just wasnt idling right. i mean flip me it was fast! very fast but just didn't run right i dont think! Well at the moment i have a boost leak on my exhaust valve so i dont have any boost but it feels ok, but i had the DSG mapped so box is alot nicer
  7. Mk-6 golf, ** Build thread **

    RS4 seats arnt always pointless, the cab Rs4 fold same as S3/mk5
  8. Joe's MK6 Golf R

    thanks, would i go game over? car is now Stage 2 revo and stage 2 dsg if thats what your asking
  9. Joe's MK6 Golf R

    yes there 1552 Tarmacs, and no one sells them anymore they haven't made any in a while.
  10. Joe's MK6 Golf R

    Thanks very much
  11. Joe's MK6 Golf R

    So was at edition 38 this weekend and had a great time! Cost me a fortune as I had Revo stage 2 fitted including stage 2 DSG - this was a must! Also I found some very rare wheels for sale in the jumble been after some for a while! Here's done pictures from the weekend! The new wheels Saturday show n shine (dub it crew) Wheel comparison
  12. My MK6 Golf Project! Exciting times

    awesome, look forward to seeing her bagged
  13. Matt_j's MK6 golf gtd

    What's up now?
  14. Joe's MK6 Golf R

    Had front done today! Looks miles better
  15. Joe's MK6 Golf R

    Thanks, 265/270bhp standard mate.