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    carp fishing on and of. and working on my mk2 golf gti 8v witch ive owned for 2 years.
  1. Ok dude will do ;-)
  2. Luckely the wiering for the horn is still in place so can just rejoin it up im thinking now that blowers are working .maybe the horn will work i just need to find out if they are all linked? Thanks for youre input ;-)
  3. I tested the horn works fine some of the wiring to it was a bit rough so for a qiuk fix for m.o.t i wirered in a switch.
  4. Fixed wire still no joy:-(
  5. Thanks for reply ;-) my spelling isn.t that bad lol
  6. Hi all had trouble with horn not working so wired in a switch so cut into wire that comes from indercater stalk and plugs into side of steering column on doing so i reconected battery & noticed smoke coming from around steering wheel the wire had melted into 2 other wires on same plug :-( would this couse the mian beam dash tell tail bulb to not work?
  7. Mk2 golf haeter blower not working?

    Hi all blower sorted turned out to be loose wire thanks for peaples input ;-)
  8. Mk2 golf haeter blower not working?

    Ok cheers dude will do ;-) thanks for all peeps input ;-)
  9. Mk2 golf haeter blower not working?

    Yes wipers are ok washer jets ok lights ok stereo not work but thers a little red alarm light in middle of stereo and thats pulsing so power must be getting to it .stumped on wat els to try :-(
  10. Mk2 golf haeter blower not working?

    Ive done that mate ive also replaced them with fresh new ones still no joy :-(
  11. Mk2 golf haeter blower not working?

  12. Hi all right had to remove my clocks on my mk2 golf has the tell tail bulb in clocks for high beam had gone so disconnected battery and did the bulb change put back clocks and all plugs and swithches but now stereo & blower not working :-( ive chacked all fuses earths and others but still no joy.stumped on what els to check or try please help :-(
  13. How to turn amp off?

    What type of converter do i need? Im new to all this so any advice and help would be grate :-)
  14. How to turn amp off?

    So a converter is the best way forward?
  15. How to turn amp off?

    Cheers guys ;-) also would i be ok using a normal car amp? Ive got a kenwood kac-6202 stereo bridgable 400w amp & pioneer 600w 12 inch sub.going to connect my samsung tab 2 10.1 to this using headphone jack to rca y plug would this work ok?