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  1. Oh boy, over a year already!

    Tidy b6! What were the specs of your rotiforms and/or the panameras as I have a b6 myself and looking at what I can get away with!
  2. Mk1 GTI 16v turbo....

    Have you much space for the downpipe? And they look different lengths? Looks nice though!
  3. ABF'd Type 19

    Good progress!! Realised this may look similar to mine as it's widetrack, black th monos, even the tyres are the same haha! Cant wait to see it finished! Where did you get the solid mount from?
  4. ABF'd Type 19

    IM also building a turbo setup, ill have a look there cheers!
  5. ABF'd Type 19

    this really nice, doing the same swap as you, where are you getting all your gaskets and shells from dude? want oem stuff but my local dealer said pre 2000 stuff is discontinued!
  6. 16vt exhaust

    Yeah, 12mm thick too.
  7. 16vt exhaust

    http://woodyracing.de/index.php?id=17 I found this, might get from there instead.
  8. 16vt exhaust

    Ok cool, yeah I was thinking 10mm, shouldn't distort too much with tig wekding either.
  9. 16vt exhaust

    Stainless probably 316l as its all I can get a hold of.
  10. 16vt exhaust

    I'm building a 16vt abf, and planning on making a tubular mani for the turbo, so does anyone have sizes or a cad file so I can machine my own exhaust flange? Could possibly make a couple if needs be too! Thanks in advance.
  11. Ultimate Dubs Show 2013

    Me nd two other guys comin from aberdeen, stayin the two nights! 7 hour journey...
  12. Mk1 golf driver R

    nice one congrats! was speaking to you on friday night with a couple of mates, and after seeing it in real life it really shows how much effort has been put into it.