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  1. Alpine white 1980 Mk1 Polo

    Been a while since i posted on this topic, no major updates but plenty of photos nonetheless!! Firstly, I managed to source an immaculate identical interior to replace the already good interior last summer, pictured below but i really wanted to save it for when shes looking factory fresh once i eventually get round to doing a resto on her- 2 and a half years into restoring my '77 currently so its a long way away yet So i decided instead for now to fit an equally mint but not identical interior that i had in my loft for a few years from my previous mk1, some photos of it all fitted- Then went on to give the exterior a proper detail and fited a few goodies like new wolfsburg mudflaps and other bits and bobs ready for a month of driving last summer... here are some of the many photos i took over the month i had her back on the road Last month i got my new polo gt and so pulled the mk1 out of the garage to get some photos of them together Hopefully in a couple months time i will have her on the road again for the summer months... Itching to be back behind the wheel of a mk1 again
  2. <<Mk1 CONTENT>>

    Nice work, car really looks fantastic
  3. Mk1 R32

    so awesome
  4. Betsy the 83 Gti

    Thats lovely, looks pretty cool on the teardropswith that colour combo
  5. Mars Red GTI

    fantastic workmanship, looks great!
  6. Dans White MK1 Golf - THE BUILD

    Great idea with that rear panel, seems to have worked really well
  7. MK2 Golf 3dr Alpine White

    Looks awesome i think
  8. Project Juliet

    Awesome read this, and who ever was doing the repairs to the body has some great skills, they all look fantastic
  9. Vw mk1 polo 1978

    looks fantastic lee, you must be well chuffed
  10. That white mk1 on those Maserati rims

    that looks bloody awesome on those wheels
  11. 91' Jetta MK2 Coupe

    that looks awesome, love the decals
  12. Vw mk1 polo 1978

    Lee that looks amazing... is it weird that i actually sometimes prefer mk1s at its current height as oppose to slammed lol
  13. Mk 2 coupe build

    awesome little car this, i think mk2 polo coupes are one of the best looking cars vw made. . . love the ozs too
  14. 1977 Manila green Polo LS

    Cheers guys Got a bit more done sorted the lower a-post, starting with this hole used this part of a repair panel for the majority of it and welded it on Just need to grind the plug welds down a little more with the dremel fabricated the rest of it out of 2 pieces, welded on, ground back and epoxyed all over, flooded behind the panel with it and sealed all the welds too can't really tell its been repaired now that was all the rot sorted, so i just had to paint everything in epoxy mastic leaving areas that were to be welded, and spraying them with weldthrough primer Now all welded on and ground back... i just need to grind the plug welds down, trim the edges off the sill lip where the repair panel was too long, then a light skim of filler and should be perfect And pulled it out the garage for the first time in over a year, obviously the door and wing will need aligning properly
  15. Mk2, Carbon roof, T45 cage and 'tings

    This is awesome looks so mean with those arches, much better than bergcup style