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  1. Red MK3 Anni

    jesus thats a fliping joke, makes me angry when i see stuff like this happens... :/
  2. Mayney Mk3 Polo

    Not really an update as of such, but ive managed to get a 9ntdi as a daily so i can start getting somewhere with the mk3. Going to strip interior this weekend and give it a good clean, it has been neglected since xmas just sat in my unit. Pics to follow!
  3. Another MK5

    haha nice whip mate, think ive seen this floating around the hinckley area maybe?
  4. Audi A4 B6 TDI, Coilies, RS4's etcetc..

    looks nice man, shame about the tyre, how did that happen?
  5. Polo GT-G40

    Love this car man, gives me so much inspiration for my mk3, and im with you when you say you dont think you'll ever sell it, as i cant see me ever selling mine to be honest
  6. T Reg mk3 Polo G40

    how did you get a T reg mk3?
  7. Mayney Mk3 Polo

    14's mate
  8. Mayney Mk3 Polo

    ha hopefully, just gotta find a car to use as a daily then save up. want to do it all properly first time round, im not rushing it
  9. Mayney Mk3 Polo

    first time i cleaned it today since edition, been neglecting it just wan a get a g40 in there now
  10. Mayney Mk3 Polo

    Couple of pictures from edition Campsite Edition Show field
  11. Mayney Mk3 Polo

    Forgot to update this, have had banded steels on there but they got sold, just been doing general maintenance really, saving up for the conversion im planning on at the end of the year. Also will be looking for a safety devices polo cup roll cage. gaz coilovers. some nice light seats havnt decided yet and mattig SSF in a certain colour that i wont be revealing
  12. Black Arosa Sport

    likin it binns
  13. Mayney Mk3 Polo

    update, fuel tank has cracked but hopefully replacement will be arriving today
  14. Mayney Mk3 Polo

    So i bought this mk3 about a couple of months ago now and planning alot of things for it but gunna sort a few bits out for it. things that need doing: Sort out knocking/creaking from front. sort out damage, where someone hit me. spray (again!..) then the modifications will continue, heres a few pics... http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/841/img2011090600208.jpg/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/829/yehthen.jpg/ will get some more pics soon