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  2. Does HIC insure Transporter Vans that are not campers?

    Hi Martin I have a policy with HIC. Can NCB from a PLG car policy transfer to a day van policy or be mirrored? If I send you my details can you get someone to give me a call please?
  3. Does HIC insure Transporter Vans that are not campers? As a day van or commercial?
  4. Hi HIC can you help me? I have started a new job, I have a policy with you. you will ask me the nature of my employer's business what are the options for a company that provides 'production' for an event for a client. And also rent equipment and technicians. corporate events music events sport events broadcast.
  5. Centre Bore Modification

    dremel job looks terrible though, will struggle to sell them after.
  6. Old school look, modern technology.

    any recommendations for a good headunit for a mk2 with DAB?
  7. Audio installers - need a good 50hz sub test tone

    150Hz is to Hi go low and then balance the system accordingly. Audacity - make your own test tones.
  8. MOT question

    I have a Mk2 on coilovers. I drove around on them for about 12months without copper greasing them and they nearly seized. I freed them up and then caped them in copper grease. to stop it from washing off and retaining grit I cover the coilovers in a composite layer of women's tights, cling film and water proof gaffa tape protecting them yet letting air and moisture pass out through a breathable lower portion. They've held up very well. However for the MOT will the tester be wanting to inspect the coilovers and therefore will the covers be a problem/fail?
  9. Know Your Legislation

    any stories of folk being 'done over' by the revised legislation?
  10. Golf II GTD

    amazing inspiration
  11. eco aaz and normal aaz...which pumps fit?

    dunno is it recommend to put a 1.6 GTD pump straight onto an AAZ or would it not deliver enough fuel? how about a hybrid AAZ pump with a GTD top part?
  12. where to get custom made turbo oil return line made Midlands

    068145736F is the complete line
  13. I've damaged the oil return feed to the sump line trying to undo it, the pipe twisted not the nut. This is bad as its a GTD so parts are hard to find and repo thin on the ground. I found a brickwerks braided line but I think it will be too short as the JX engine has the turbo below the manifold. http://www.brickwerks.co.uk/index.php/turbo-oil-return-line-t3-aaz.html# I might be able to salvage whats there with some hose. Does anybody know where I could get the little elbow piece in the is picture? its for a K14. other than that know of any custom shops / hydraulic manufactures in the midlands that could help?
  14. EGT probe location? - Mk2 GTD (SB engine code)

    make sure you leave clearance for the bracket that bolts to the downpipe. It has a spacer and clamp to hold the water return into the head. I had to sack that off and cut back the bracket.