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  1. MK7 TDI powerloss

    Like my pal who was told by someone that the clutch cable on his VR was broken. Even crazier, the local dealership sold him one.
  2. Mk2 Jetta

  3. Hello E38. Long time no post. The SA car has been in a coma for sometime now. Dodgy wiring has made me hate the car and it'll be stripped down and rebuilt. It will probably take me 85 years but, it will happen. If anyone in the Sussex area is willing to assist me in an ABF conversion at some point in the near future please PM me. Add to this being let down in quite a big way by a (so called) "scene legend", my heart for the show scene has been knocked before it even started. Aaaaaannnnd, we now have a 16 month old baby, things in the car world have slowed dramatically. Not to fear though, I still love my Mk2's. In fact, I bought another in January. 87 E reg Driver (small front windows), 3 door, No sunroof, Stratos Blue and a measly 50,150 miles on the clock. I plan to keep it as original as possible but, when you have RMs and RSs in your possession willpower has to win. So, for now, this thread is kaput. Until the resurrection of my SA baby, keep on dubbing.
  4. SWB Audi Sport Quattro

    Did it have any trousers to go with that mouth? Sounded like it had no exhaust at all
  5. RS4 AVANT B7 - Fastmonkey's new ride..........

    Let me get that for you.......
  6. Gold Rush

    ^^ The number plate on that golf is naughty
  7. ^^ thanks guys. Will def be interested in that glass In other news........... I was hoping to stick a post up showing off the little bits i've done recently. Unfortunately though, my car has become the victim of CRIME! Went to drive it to work this morning and it wouldn't start. Popped the hood and went round to the front. Noticed my new / old 7 slat grille was missing When I opened the hood, all the ignition wires wee ripped out along with anything else loose. The header tank cap was off and on the floor and, my airbox had the pipe snapped off and it was on the other side of the road. So guys and gals, IF you see or know anyone who has "found" a 7 slat grille with a VERY DISTINCTIVE LIGHT BLUE PANEL ON IT, its probably mine. I'm so ufcked off, I might just sell it now. Really angry and very very hurt by the whole thing. If thieves want to be cretins and steal my grille, thats fine. Mashing my car up so it can't be used, well, thats just plain arseholic. End.
  8. A rabbit replica...

    Love your Rabbit Rep Need..........Info.............On............Red Rabbit.....................
  9. SWB Audi Sport Quattro

    Vorsprung Durch Technik Dream car right there.
  10. mk1 t plate florida blue

    Love what you're doing with the wheels There's a French Mk1 with a similar setup in PVWs report on VW Days this month. Looks sick
  11. mk2 from the east coast of canada!

    X2 to that (Just the front for me though). Great Jet mate. Look forward to the cars future
  12. Mk1 Jetta Coupe

    ^^ Great save. Well spotted.
  13. 1987 Mk2 golf driver

    If you're going to put bolts back in check these guys out. Heard nothing but good things about them.