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  1. Audi 80 TDI |recycling OEM parts|

    Very nice. I love old Audis. As said, the coupe front bumper really helps alot
  2. Audi a3 8l engine upgrades

    Badger5 does a fantastic TIP. I have one for my S3. Not sure if he does one for the 1.8T but worth checking out.
  3. The Waxathon

  4. Beige Mk1 golf 1.8T 20V smoothed bay

    Congrats on the trophy. The car looks amazing!
  5. Detailed a Bentley inspired Golf MK6 GT

    Great job and a lovely looking car! That colour looks fantastic with the sun shining on it
  6. Girlfriends black Lupo Gti

    Lovely looking little GTI. Pretty much perfect. Out of interest, what type of machine and polish do you use?
  7. Snow Foams

    Valetpro and Magifoam are the two best snow foams I've found

    Really like that with it's OEM look. Some amount of love put into that car
  9. RS6 plus # 126

    Beautiful RS6. Loved reading about your trip too
  10. textured black bumpers

    Another vote for Gtechniq C4. Cheapest place to get it is direct from Gtechniq themselves. They have an online shop on their site. If you are a member of detailingworld you can email them your user id and they'll add discount to your account Here's a couple of photos I took when I did mine a month ago and they haven't faded.....although I bought the 15ml bottle and ran out just before I got the whole car done. Just the arch had been done in the first pic.
  11. Cope's GTI

    Just sat and read this thread over lunch. That's a great transformation. The car is looking amazing
  12. Raef's 8l S3 Daily

    flip me! That must surprise a few people lol Gonna keep an eye on this one
  13. Mk2 20vt syncro

    Has to be my current favourite sleeper on here!
  14. BBM mk2 vr6