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  1. My EOS - slow project

    Looks epic now its got air.
  2. Tornado Red MK5 R32

    Epic car is that! Love it.
  3. Facelift Caddy 2k

    Looks fab, I had an air'd caddy for a while and loved it.
  4. Golf R with added zest

    Epic spec on that! Lovely colour too
  5. Bristol Krispy Kreme meet October 20th @ 3pm

    Same day as show and glow I believe.
  6. JonnyC TTRS Build Thread

    Heard it on instagram. It sounds an animal.
  7. My 2008 caddy TDI

    Il be at players in my caddy. Make sure you pop over for a chat.
  8. OCD-shelvey's 2k caddy van

    Think you started following me on instagram. Got a silver caddy and a white golf. Anyways this looks smart as. I'd keep it white.
  9. My Spanish caddy wannabe !

    From Ponty? Im from abercynon and have a caddy
  10. dele's..

  11. Looks good. Can borrow my jack that came with the caddy if you need. Its more beefy than a standard audi a/s3 one as Id imagine the weight difference.
  12. My murdered out audi s8 v10

    Beefy ass car that is.
  13. TT RS Build Thread

    Aweskme update.