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  1. Stupid rsap bluetooth module

    I'm my 2009 passat cc I have the rns 510 with premium bluetooth. As everyone probably knows these modules don't allow to connect to iphone. I'm wanting to change my bluetooth module to one that supports iphone. I've read pages and pages about different modules, some say after changing their module they lose the voice activation function on the steering wheel. Can anyone shed some light into which module I need so I can connect my iphone. Current module part number is 5N0035730A Module I've been told that doesn't support voice activation is 5K0035730D Thanks Matt
  2. Just had air fitted

    Ive just had a airlift paddle valve kit fitted to my bora and just wanted to know a few things: - max psi to pump into bags - best way to maintain the whole kit inc bags Cheers matt
  3. W.I.P Anniversary

    where did you get the seat repaired mate, ive been searching all over but can only seem to source a complete seat base cover from vw but its only the bolsters i need repairing cheers matt
  4. Wet vac

    There steap in price just to clean some seats once, or maybe I'm just to tight haha. Cheers for the links mate!
  5. Wet vac

    I've trawled everywhere but can't find one that isn't shaped like a household Hoover which obviously wouldn't fit on seats. It someone could shed some light I'd be over the moon!
  6. Wet vac

    Bit of a newbie question I need to wet vac some seats I've just bought, cloth recaro 25th anni. I don't totally understand the term wet vac because I can get hold of a vax wet and dry vacuum which means id need to in some way spray some sort of detergent on the seats then vac it off, But them I'm thinking a wet vac as in a indoor carpet cleaner where you pour detergent into the actually machine and that then sprays it out and then sucks in back up. I just don't have a clue why I need, they are out of a flood damaged car so NEED a really thorough clean Cheers matt
  7. Just won some Anni seats and the seller tells me there from a flooded golf, can anyone reccomend me how to get them back to life? Cheers
  8. Bora skirt options

    Cheers guys!
  9. Turbo making police siren noises!

    See I get a loud hiss aswel but was told all my boost pipes were fine :/
  10. Turbo making police siren noises!

    I haven't found out the reason for the siren noise but got it plugged in today at OCD (only charged dubs) which came up with a faulty temp sensor which is more than likely the reason for my smokey exhaust. Hope someone could shed some light for me aswel towards the siren noise
  11. Turbo making police siren noises!

    My bora 100pd is doing the same thing and has been doing for quite a while now (1month approx) all the power is still there, had mine remapped roughly 4months ago also. Yesterday it started smoking more than normal under load so I'm getting it plugged in tomorrow to see if anything pops up. Been told it could also be a loose pipe also so I'll see tomorrow
  12. Bora skirt options

    Can anyone recommend me some oem looking side skirts for my bora, I've searched but been told there's differences in quality and fitting etc. Reason I'm after some skirts is because who ever had the car before me jacked it up on both sides in the middle of the sills and dented them Cheers matt
  13. Tyre Stretch 8j Merc CLK's.

    205/40 are about the best you'll get I run that size on my daily and I think it's fine, never no trouble because it's minimal stretch but still looks good, type in google tyre stretch and a website will pop up with loads of pictures. Hope that helps mate
  14. amg aero 2 golf fitment and stretch

    I have 8j with 205/40/18 and I have stretch, cars at the missis's house so I couldn't tell you the brand although I think there acceleras or something like that
  15. Daily driver mk2 caddy van

    I thought you was with him, cheers for opening the gates anyway haha