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  1. Odd knock and slow gear changes? 1.8t

    Was lucky I had vr6 clutch. Got it as same time as sachs dmf kit as GSF had 45% offer deal and I'm doing a v5 conv on my mk2
  2. Odd knock and slow gear changes? 1.8t

    My luk kit had a bearing, but one of the pins to hold it to clutch fork kept falling out so bearing would fall off the fork. Think one, if not both cylinders had a an issue. Clutch had been rubbing on pressure plate.
  3. location of bank2 s2 lambda sensor

    Could you try disconnecting one see if it throws an additional fault code.
  4. Mk2 golf wing indicator wireing placement.

    Yes in the scuttle tray. The plug goes through rain tray on passenger side into engine bay. The fog light loom would join here too.
  5. Odd knock and slow gear changes? 1.8t

    With your clutch does it bite as soon as soon as you lift peddle a few mm. I had to change release bearing, found out it a a single mass. I fitted a luk vr6 clutch but had to use the Sachs bearing from dmf clutch kit. I can't change gear at all at moment with engine running. Was ok first time I bleed clutch but you hardly had to lift peddle and you where moving. I had already Fitted new slave but peddle stays soft. Got a new mc to fit. Hoping that will sort and its not clutch.
  6. Engine swap. Time and money? DIY project

    Wouldn't the ancilleries be the same?
  7. Engine swap. Time and money? DIY project

    What condition are the turbo's. I have an agu k03
  8. Engine swap. Time and money? DIY project

    I would have thought pull both engines out, Swap gearbox's refit. Could you swap ecu's? Or would you have immob issues. Though clocks and locks not too hard but steering column/ignition could be bit of a pain.
  9. Engine swap. Time and money? DIY project

    You could start by removing seized engine. Fitting would be pretty much reversal. As for costs, doing it yourself would be pretty much any thing you decided to replace whilst off. Clutch, engine mounts etc and fluids (oil, coolant, pas and brake/clutch). And cost for any tools you don't already have.
  10. Engine swap. Time and money? DIY project

    Is all the wiring the same between them? Are they both dbw?
  11. Engine swap. Time and money? DIY project

    With all right tools and plenty of space recon you could do it in a weekend. That's just my finger in air though
  12. Airbag light MOT failure?

    Could fit your old seats and get them to do it. Or get cable for £5 off eBay.
  13. Airbag light MOT failure?

    Could you not get/borrow correct seats?
  14. Afternoon, I've just fitted a new slave cylinder and have noticed the fluid line has a bit of movement. Is this normal? I've not fitted a new seal and the pedal is still very soft after bleeding. Could this be drawing in air? http://s629.photobucket.com/user/sly__gti/media/mk4/VID_20160621_172326_zpsqkv8jwp7.mp4.html