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  1. Some white trash


    Cheers guys, atleast i know if i do it wrong i can redo it By that do you mean like bumps, scratched and stuff.. its an oldish car, 110,000 on it, so its not great, chips on the bumper, few scratched and a slight bit of rust.. And nothing yet mate, ive only just got the car and these are just ideas. I have no experience so i dont even know what scotch means lol. Just trying to learn before i commit myself Again like above i have no experience so im struggeling to understand the words you use haha~!! But that picture is crazy! Id love that finish man!! If its better i could start a different thread just asking for info so i dont clogg this up :L Cheers guys

    Some amazing work here guys! Ive just bought myself a mk4 golf project car in silver, know nothing about cars but thats the hole point haha, Im going to spray paint it white (Well thats the plan) have you guys even messed upa nd had to sand it all down and start again? Or has it always been spot on. Im just sayign if i try it out and think its poop, is it possible to sand it down prep and do it all over again? That white BM is beautiful, could definately do with some tips!
  4. How far ahead can you quote?

    It depends on websites, im sure you can do it 30days in advance on most comparing sites
  5. mk 4 derv whip

    Nice mate, looks good. And i like the cheeky bike in the corner of the room
  6. Matts' DIMINUTIVE DUB - GTI content :)

    Hope you go against this and modify it, got great potential
  7. Roxi Oh, Lo n Slo MK4 golf!

    Nice mate, you done any mods to the engine?
  8. Roxi Oh, Lo n Slo MK4 golf!

    Enjoyed reading this mate!(mainly looking at the pics ) What engine is it btw?
  9. Flash Red Mk4 Golf

    You going to give us a cheeky peak or you waiting till Edition?
  10. Liam's red mk4

    Good start, looking forward to the updates mate
  11. Any more update on this?
  12. Shall I or shall i not?

    Yeh imw atching it now, enjoying the thread so far
  13. Flash Red Mk4 Golf

    looking 4ward to pics!!
  14. Shall I or shall i not?

    Yeh there are some good info tbf! G2T have you stripped the whole car then so its just the shell?
  15. Flash Red Mk4 Golf

    Nice mate!! Looking forward to the updates