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  1. Amazing after that revamp!
  2. Splitting Speedlines

    So I need to get my buckled Speedlines repaired - A repair guy whose got the wheel is prepared to do the repair but isnt willing to split the rim. Can anyone recommend anybody who could split them and rebuild and paint once repaired or either do the lot in the West Midlands? Cheers
  3. Tornado Mk5 GTi more door

    Looks nice and clean mate.
  4. RS6 plus # 126

    love the new purchase
  5. Mk5 golf GTI OEM+

    Nice GTI
  6. Jaffas GTI

    Got through some wheels haven't ya! All class by the way. Nice looking MK5. What size were the speedlines? Can't figure were to go with 18s or 19s on my own.