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  1. Gearbox/Driveshaft Crunching?

    :S i am a little confused... lol sorry for my stupidity but what do i need to do?
  2. Hello, as some people may have seen my car is currently up for sale. Now as i said in the comments there is a problem when going to full lock (left only i think) Now my father owns a garage and knows his stuff when it comes to cars but this time i think he just doesn't want to fix it. He is saying the noise is because the car is lowered and the angle of the drive shaft to the gear box is wrong when at full lock. Kind of like a dislocated finger or something but then pops back in when straightened up. Car loses forward and reverse drive when this happens until straightened up when the car performs how it should do. I don't know if this a common thing for lowered Mk4 Golfs as i have only owned this one. Now what i can say is this has happened since i got the car over a year and a half ago and doesn't seem to have got worse. If you can help me you will be doing me a massive favour and i will try to answer any questions as well as possible. Thanks Dan
  3. Uprated Clutch Fork?

    Sorted the problem now thanks.
  4. Uprated Clutch Fork?

    I believe somebody in your workshop has spoke to my dad who is doing this.
  5. Uprated Clutch Fork?

    There is no damage to the clutch itself. and from what i can tell everything is fitted correctly. Here is a photo of the current broken fork
  6. Uprated Clutch Fork?

    Sorry dont know why i didnt say that. Its a mk4 golf gti and all i know is its a Helix clutch
  7. Uprated Clutch Fork?

    Hi there, my Clutch Fork keeps bending due to uprated clutch and flywheel. I just wanted to ask if there was such a thing as an uprated one that would be stronger? googled a few sites but nothing comes up and i cant see anything on your website. If there is no such thing should i just weld some rods down the side to make it stronger? Thanks Dan
  8. Miltek Mk4 Golf GTI no resonator pipe Cant see one on your website, do you sell them? If so could you let me know prices?
  9. Post your boot builds!

    Sorry its not a VAG but my old saxo before i went VAG Was like this I turned it into this