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  1. After a quick bit of back up here, I'm doing a head gasket on a golf Mk3 1.4 engine code ABD, I've gone to refit the head but noticed the head/block doesn't have any locating dowels, seems weird I've done plenty of head off jobs and not seen one without doweles yet. I called VW and checked vagcat and neither are coming up with any indication the engine has dowels, this looks to be the first time the head has been off in the cars life so it looks like there may not be any dowels. Can anyone on here back me up on this may you've had a similar experience and thought the same thing?
  2. I'll be there with the Orly boys and some killer hangovers
  3. MIVW 2014

    Please tell me the bowling alley hasn't gone from the hotel bar!!!!
  4. GTI Spring Fest 06/04/14 Santa Pod

    I'll be there autojumbling
  5. hub re drilling

    G23 engineering are a forum sponsor on here and can probably help you.
  6. MIVW 2014

    Discount code for DFDS Seaways ferries E14EBO I think you have to book before the end of Feb, I think it saves you about £20.
  7. MIVW 2014

    Has anyone got any discount codes for Dover to Calais/Dunkerque ferries yet???
  8. MIVW 2014

    I'm there :-D

    Can you re-enforce this on entry at the gate this year please, the same system was in place last year but I was not made aware of it, we went out for dinner to find we couldnt get back to our tent, the sercurity were very rude about the situation that I was completely unaware of. Thanks
  10. Heres a little vid to show what we're about from last years meet!
  11. Hey guys, We've teamed up with our good friends at Honda Culture to hold an evening meet at Ace Cafe on the 17th of August All makes and models of cars are welcome along Facebook group page is here: https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/149758905214087/ It would be great to see some nice cars down there!
  12. Sorry man it wasnt me you say, was probs Ben or Beans I was having to work that night unfortunately Was good seeing you again on our night out, hopefully catch up at some shows soon! As for everything else, thanks for all the amazing feedback, i'm glad we can share some of trip and hopefully this is the perfect answer to the question, should I go to worthersee?? flip yes!!!
  13. Worthersee 2013

    I've defo got some post worthersee blues