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  1. Removing FARB on Mk1 Leon...

    Unbolt the droplinks, and air it out. see if it's worth doing first
  2. Turbo Rebuilds?

    I can vouch for AET. Great service and communication, very knowledgeable, as you would expect from a turbo specialist.
  3. Where to get Etka

    VAG CAT is okay, for a quick parts search. Need to register, but its free and get no emails or anything. http://www.vagcat.com/ Even looks suspiciously like Ed38 haha, lick on parts catolouge and search
  4. Viair dual needle gauges

    Did you find they were bright enough, i did mine to red and they are only just visible ? Did you use LED's ?
  5. Good body shop in Cheshire area?

    What did you get done and what sort of price did they charge you ?
  6. Yellow Leon Cupra

    Air was about a grand, but i have since made it four way, which has made a noticeable difference to the handling, and the safety. The car came with a cat back on so can't comment on the difference in power. the most restrictive part of the exhaust is the downpipe and the cat, i have a decat and a 3" downpipe, which did make a difference :-) think i need a TIP now, as that is the next most restrictive part.
  7. Longer Ko3/s Manifold to Turbo Bolts

    I dropped one of these bolts once and tried to pick it up with the magnetic pick up tool, didn't work, I think they are stainless steel, ( apparently you can get non magnetic stainless) I would get some of a similar material, as you don't want bolts getting stuck in turbos
  8. Yellow Leon Cupra

    Cheers, will be nice when its all the same colour. In between the boring body work and sanding, I'm beginning to do a wire tuck, always loved the smoothed bay look, so starting to do a few small bits. Will put up some pics when there is something to see
  9. Yellow Leon Cupra

    Hexis, good company and nice stuff to work with. Cheers mate, not gonna lie its hard work, and is let down by the prep work haha
  10. Yellow Leon Cupra

    Didn't go so well really, ended up with some visible stretch marks, pretty gutted. Will have to be redone at some point. Might try applying it wet next time see if it is any different ...
  11. Yellow Leon Cupra

    First few layers of primer