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  1. Budget build daily

    4motion started to look good! its shame but atleast you're okay!
  2. 2007 A3 fuel flap doesn't lock?

    I've just noticed the fuel filler flap doesn;t lock even with all doors locked via central locking. With all doors locked you can push the flap in and it opens and so does the cap itself. surely this isn't normal! I had never noticed this before until i randomly tried it yesterday. Any ides on what could be wrong? I cant see a solenoid mechanism like my Golf, so im abit confused.
  3. 205/40/18 - Premium Brands with a bit of Stretch

    Nankang, Falken and Kuhmo, i've used these in the past and no issues at all.
  4. A3 1.9tdi - what is this part?

    Car is a 2007 A3 1.9tdi. What is this part? anyone got a part number? its located next to/ above the battery.
  5. Best amp for JL 13W7 JX, HD or standard 1000/1 v2

    Dont cut corners on the wiring, you dont want to starve the system of power. I've mainly used 0 AWG wiring kits for my systems and they sound crisp and clear. I had an old school Fusion amp previously which was rated at 1000w rms @ 2ohms and that thing would never heat up or cut out, plenty of power! JL's do good amps but sometimes i feel their products are over priced. If you need a decent amp at a reasonable cost then i'd suggest the JBL brand.
  6. Anyone recommend me a good body shop slough heathrow

    I have used MAS Automotive in Shepperton Surrey. Run by father and son, i had some work done on my R32 and i was really impressed. Not expensive either!
  7. My Tornado Mk5 32

    Looks lovely mate and in the best colour. What suspension is it running? Any more pics of the mk4's?
  8. Mk4 golf

    One of the best colours the MK4 came in. Much preferred the r32 wheels!
  9. Amp ground/earth wire help

    Just a quick one, Im trying to relocate the amp in my boot and the current 0 gauge ground cable isnt long enough. A 0 gauge wiring kit has been used for the whole system that was fitted two years ago. My question is can i only replace the current ground cable with a 4 gauge one? i can buy this by the meter at £4 from Car Audio Direct. FYI; the amp in question is a mono JBL amp rated 450watts rms at 4ohms. In reality i could have used a 4 gauge kit but i had the 0 gauge kit lying around. Also, the amp does struggle to accommodate the 0 gauge wires as they're too thick.
  10. My MK4 R32 HGP Turbo

    Did the car sit level on all four corners? i want to get some for mine but im worried about the car sitting uneven!
  11. My MK4 R32 HGP Turbo

    How did you find the car on the H&R springs? did it sit level all round?
  12. Sprint Blue Audi S3, fat fives, H&R ultra lows

    Why did you take the HnR's off?? pm me some details if they're for sale please.
  13. Bagged Golf MK4 TFSI OEM+

    Clean and simple, looks lovely mate. good job!
  14. lammys new R32

  15. Audi SQ5

    That looks magnificent!