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  1. sub cuts out

    My components were tripping out all the time due to faulty RCA cables, that might be worth a try
  2. Better speakers without amping?

    Hook the Rainbows up, obviously be much better amped but still be better than stock speakers
  3. Sub problem

    Make sure the remote cable is in properly and also make sure the RCA cables are in the correct input, if it's lighting up that means you have power so it wouldn't be the live, so it's worth checking the ground point and your RCA's
  4. Components tripping out?

    I've just changed the RCA cables and drove about 10 miles going over speed bumps, going around corners etc and I think the problem has been cured!!! Fingers crossed that's it now
  5. Components tripping out?

    Good thing about my MK4 is all the panels just literally clip out would only take me 10 mins tops to fit the RCA's but good idea anyway Gotta wait for some good weather first !
  6. Trying to fit new head unit

    Sometimes it's easier to pay a shop, least you know the bas*ard works then!!!
  7. Trying to fit new head unit

    Have you tried a different Head Unit? Don't ya just love wiring!
  8. Looking at changing my aftermarket headunit

    People usually recommend Alpine's but I personally have a Kenwood BT60U, which is great especially the bluetooth feature!
  9. Components tripping out?

    I have rechecked & recrimped the speaker cables so many times I'm gonna lose my hand soon, I think I'll go with the rca cables option next as currently they are ran down the centre console of the car (MK4) so I will run a new set I got down the right hand side of the car and go from there, thanks mate
  10. Components tripping out?

    Anybody? I have re-crimped both doors and it seemed to cure the drivers side but passenger side still tripping out when driving? Unless you keep the volume at like 27+ and it seems not to trip out
  11. Will my Amp run these sub woofers?

    Ahh that's good because I have a full 4awg wiring kit spare, and have about 4metres of 0awg live cable and would need to buy 0awg ground and inline fuse and etc Just keeping an eye out on ebay everyday for new amps that are popping up, I say I'll upgrade after xmas, but I will probably upgrade before this month is over
  12. Will my Amp run these sub woofers?

    Don't need my boot space anyway, and the bass bug has already hit me! Will I really need to run 0AWG though, would 4AWG be enough to power a mono block amp? I've had no problems buying second hand, in fact the JL subs were second, and a bargain at that, I got the 2 JL Subs, a Vibe A3 amp and a full 4awg wiring kit for £65! The amp alone is worth more but sold it to my brother for £30 If I had a budget of £100 would it be possible to get a second hand amp to power the JL's? I like the look of the JBL amp that has been suggested above already just hard to find one...
  13. Will my Amp run these sub woofers?

    So basically run the kenwood with my Focal components and look out for a mono amp for the subs? I'm also guessing that 8AWG power cable won't be good enough? I had 0AWG cable before, and it was fu*king horrible I hated it! Are there any other amps to look out for as I can't see any of them JBL 1201.1 on eBay or anything. Aaron
  14. Will my Amp run these sub woofers?

    What RMS will I get out of the sub's with the Kenwood amp? What amp would you recommend then, within a £150 budget, if that is possible
  15. Will my Amp run these sub woofers?

    I am upgrading my KENWOOD sub woofer to TWO of these: http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_6312_JL-Audio-13W1v2-4.html which are in the same box, here is a pic: And my amp is a 4 channel KENWOOD KAC 8403 http://www.crutchfield.com/S-jvJeExRHLJh/p_113KAC8403/Kenwood-KAC-8403.html I have already used 2 channels on my Focal 165V Polyglass Components My question is am I able to run the sub at it's full or near full potential or am I needing to upgrade my amp to get the best out of the subs?