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  1. josh's 4motion

    just a quick update - bought myself the domain v6dub.com for my image hosting.. but the possibilities for email addresses are endless... oh and a trs tow strap has appeared on the front of my car
  2. josh's 4motion

    it was something i wasn't sure about, each to their own i guess though, i have a vinyl plotter so can make them for pennies
  3. josh's 4motion

    erm if im careful with the cruise on i can get 36-38 on the motorway doing 65, i very rarely see more than 24 in town driving and can get 15 when flooring it.
  4. josh's 4motion

    i'm fairly new here, this is my first vw but I have been playing with cars since i was 17. Ive had a 205 that i dropped at 406 v6 in and a mini cooper with an s engine plonked in, so i know my way round a spanner set I picked this up in stoke on trent with a very respectable 70k on the clock and immaculate inside and out, Full VW history and no mods. A clean slate :-) it has the usual "highline" stuff full leather (not recaro unfortunately) dimming mirror auto wipers climate etc etc... so onto the modifications - first off cruise control was needed, the v6 is not a frugal beast.. so this was my plan to save some doe. For such a simple thing, the stalk installation is a pita.. you need super long arms to reach where to plug in the loom, and hope the wipers arn't seized on.. but all went well and activated with vcds, we were away! (im sure we all know what the stalk looks like so i wont bore you) Next up the carbon came out, that wood is VILE! after an afternoon of burning myself with a hairdryer, the interior was transformed also took out the lovely cassette deck and replaced it with my spangly flip out all singing all dancing HU and whilst in there dropped in some bora vents that i picked up for 30 quid.. the centre vents are glued in that position but i can always get a better set at a later date. along with a polo chrome euro switch it looks more modern already! (oh and sock boy came along) plus LED's all round in the lights next up those clocks are vile.. from this.... to this... thanks to b4dvw for supplying them and ard helping with the programming we now have FIS ... passat foils and rings.. they look so much better. after much deliberation and lack of funds, the gear know just wasn't matching... the only wooden thing left, luckily up popped a mk5 one for 6 quid.. after a little bodge, the gaitor from mine and the top for the new one were one.. and now we have.. now moving outsite... popped some fk coilies on and now i have a car and not a barge and a nice stance ready for some better alloys =] up front the carbon came out and the grille has been done.. not sure about it but got some black angel eyes coming so we shall see, oh and got a bra on round the back the black paint came out for the sharan boot badge... much tidier. you may have noticed the cheeky pressed plates too with surrounds, complimented by led's on the rear under the hood so far ive popped on a pipercross filter but more to come later on.. got myself one of those polo stubby's too.. not that i use the radio and finally stickers on the back.. subject to change and suggestions would be uselful... i'm new to this so pointers would be appreciated
  5. Installing new clocks

    IF the clocks are still powering up, you can grab the SKC from them and do the swap the normal way, i have all the stuff you need but i think brum might be a bit far for you?
  6. Installing new clocks

    unfortunately not, it you have a car pre 2002 then the code was sometimes put on the original key chain, if not you will need some software to extract the key out of the clocks, problem is, you need the clocks working to extract this. what is actually fubared with your clocks?
  7. mk4 clusters

    i have had a search around and could do with some confirmation on a couple of things. I have just got some 1J0 920 946 C clocks and i understand the trailing "C" is a diesel rev gauge. I have also been supplied a petrol foil so asthetically theres no issue there its just a simple swap. Now this is where i get confused, if I code these in to my PETROL 4motion, will the revs show as normal with that foil or what as they are coded for diesel. - Is the trailing "C" just a foil change or something deeper? I have no problems extracting my SKC from my existing Rb8 clocks with Vag-Tacho (going to take a LONG time though) but how do i find the new clocks skc, is it just a case of plug in and run vagtacho again till it lets me log in? Many thanks. - PS i have vagtacho and vcds so can code and change the mileage and eproms. - I just don't know what eprom i should have