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  1. Edition security...

    I was pretty much at a hault at the entrance and wasn't going to proceed until I knew where they were, none te less I go of the phone when yelled at but my point is that they all seem strung up like all people that get lil bit of authority that was my view after ten mins of being there anyway and what others have said and that pleb havig ago at that guy in the arosa seems to reflect the whole weekend
  2. Edition security...

    What is with the strung up security guards here like I only showed up for Sunday literally got 4yards into the show crawling at like 5mph and get yelled and threatened to be thrown out for being on my phone [was trying to locate my friends] then the next guy an attitude and then the third. Maybe if they didn't have the attitude it wouldn't rub off on others according to my mates they've been fun police all weekend telling them to go to bed or 'get thrown out' lol little hitlers hilarious.
  3. Immobiliser playing up...

    hello, so yesterday i go tin my car after work unlocked the car got in sat on my phone for like five mins so had to press the unlock button the fob to start the car when i did the alarm just went off... press unlock to stop the alarm tried starting the car nothing few moments later the alarm goes off again it keeps doing this in the middle of the carpark, I'd cancel the alrm by pressing unlock but it wouldnt to let me start the car as normal, i popped the bonnet disconnecected the battery few a sec then it was fine, is this likely to give me more trouble? and is it worth getting rid altogether perhaps? (its one of those aftermarket jdm fited alrms if that helps)
  4. Decent aux cable for the car.

    a story about an aux cable...
  5. Fairway 9n3

    happened a while ago just havent updated i was alright luckily
  6. Fairway 9n3

    Just thought I'd close this Thread as the car is heaven
  7. Removing helper springs?

    only if the spring becomes loose when jacked up, but then you just wind it up for MOT's so it doesnt float around. There not a requirement, alot top end coilovers dont come with them anyway, plus most MOT garages probably wouldnt even think that they were missing.
  8. help needed asap

  9. help needed asap

    probs just an empty loob for something on a hirier spec model perhaps
  10. Fairway 9n3

    If anyone interested or knows anyone who would like to buy my car as is PM cheers
  11. Fairway 9n3

    there 16x8 at rear and 16x7 up front
  12. Fairway 9n3

    Ive hooked teh droplinks to the rear hole on the coilover so they pull the arb higher if that makes sense, i think the arbs on the mk5's are different anyway... like a3s could be wrong though.
  13. Fairway 9n3

    did have, notched and shorter links do the trick
  14. Fairway 9n3

    decided to drop a new lump in instead and keep i think..
  15. Fairway 9n3

    haha cheers bro just used camber shims at the rear and id change your tires to 185/35s that makes a big difference