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  1. Hey there, I had a go at polishing up my wheel dishes yesterday. The wheels are rondell 58s on a BMW. The shine just isn't quite what I hoped for, its not reflective enough really and sanding marks can still be seen. I polished them up with the wheel spinning with sand paper and polish. The original finish on the rims was a satinised effect using fairly coarse sand paper. Steps taken: 240 grit wet 600 grit wet 800 grit wet 1200 grit wet 1500 grit wet 2000 grit wet Autosol metal polish I don't know whether it's because I didnt spend enough time with the sandpaper but the shine just isn't as bright as I was expecting, slightly hazey. How can I go about removing these slight sanding marks for a perfect mirror shine? thanks
  2. Wobble bolt size

    sorry I forgot that alfas use m12 bolts. Yeah they will have to be drilled out
  3. Wobble bolt size

    you will have to drill the bolt hols in the alfa wheels out slightly, or maybe get a file out and offset the hols slightly.
  4. the hairdresser basket

    liking the colour
  5. south wales meet valleys vags

    ill try and get down to the next one
  6. Metallic Paint with Matt Lacquer

    that is such an awesome paint finish
  7. SL55 AMG

    Loving this work dude! Trying to get into it myself
  8. Top mounts? Is this normal?

    yeah might need new top mounts
  9. Banding space savers

    + 1 they do good work
  10. Mk1 golf driver R

    love this dude dont get rid
  11. New Beetle

    not too keen on the new beetle but like the wheels very much!
  12. Bora Variant TDI US look

    love the interior and the us look!
  13. Not another 6n !

    not too keen on the colour but like the wheels!
  14. Max's daily audi a6 avant

    really fond of an audi a6
  15. Paint damage from bonnet bra

    Very strange... :/