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  1. eaton vr6

    fliping awesome!
  2. Wiring issue....

    Hi, Does anyone know why when I press my brake pedal on my mk3 gti then right hand indicator arrow and the rear fog light dash illumination light up? Is it an earth issue, relay? I'm stumped, Cheers, Andt
  3. Top mount assembly

    Hello, Does anyone have a diagram or know in what order mk3 golf top mounts go together? I am running fk coil overs, they have a nut that fastens the top cap, bearing on top of that, then the rubber part, into the car, metal plate then lock nut. Is this correct? Thanks in advance for any help. Andy
  4. ..die Luft..

    This car is awesome
  5. Dash lights

    Hi, Does anyone know why I have lost all ,my dashboard lights and speedo? It's a mk3 golf. Thanks