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  1. Yippy's MK6 Golf Build Thread

    love this mate! sits sooooo perfect good work mate
  2. MK3 Golf Anniversary on Air and Splits

    Just saw it parked up at tesco, it bloody amazing great stance
  3. Purple Lurple

    This is perfection
  4. Purple Lurple

    Nice vid mate what camera you use ? Every time I look at cnt get over how well stanced it is
  5. MK3 Golf Anniversary on Air and Splits

    Mate you got all the tt stuff for sale ? Ad how much for the lot ?
  6. MK3 Golf Anniversary on Air and Splits

    Not a clue aha
  7. Purple Lurple

    You missed out some key info about the pencil is it a left or right handed pencil ? Lol it stances lovely what bit to like maybe a re spray ?
  8. Purple Lurple

    Yeah man deffo the best look yet
  9. Purple Lurple

    Out a add up in classifieds ! This is not a for sale thread just saying ..... On another note the car is looking smart mate love the bbs
  10. MK3 Golf Anniversary on Air and Splits

    What up with the air ? I hear the accuair systems are temperamental
  11. MK3 Golf Anniversary on Air and Splits

    Get in there mate great news
  12. Still StaTTic Audi 8j

    Looks spot on good job mate
  13. Accuair E level Audi A4 Avant b8

    YES ! Looks amazing on those mate top stuff
  14. Purple Lurple

    Could tht sit any higher cuts spring yeah lol good job make looks a lot better now
  15. Air ride for amateurs,

    i will agree with every one digital is the way to go and radio world is the cheapest i have seen a v2 kit